Monday, May 13, 2013

Explosions of late and the synch with Titanic and the queen synchs

I felt this the other day about all the explosions but they are not stopping


And now this one in West Virginia

My Kaboom Synchs

Kaboom synchs

This feels like the energy of the SPRING of 2011 when the synch and prediction of the Storm of Aug 26th was predicted but that it is a storm/explosion between groups/countries/parties/individuals YOU and I/

King and Queen come to Hyde Park because of the War that was emerging.

When that moment comes and everyone finds they were wrong yet again, because they are thinking and have not learned to know SPIRIT, and find you did it to yourself, by judging by appearances, what then?
I did not know that she was a queen of sorts among those that planned. Watching a movie about Roosevelt and the Queen and King that came to visit.

I began to post about the explosions and then I was watching Antique Roadshow and they had the Titanic Menu with the date of April 14, 1912 and I felt something. So I went to check the date of the sinking April 15 and realized that was the last dinner. I then looked up the word Titanic and the definition at the top had the example "A series of Titanic Explosions" and I felt the synch and relationship between the two posts.

The Last Dinner on the Titanic April 14, 1912 Boat Sinking synchs
Definition of Titanic

Of exceptional strength, size, or power: "a series of titanic explosions"


They don't care, they will do everything to make sure all the synchs are never seen because of their shame.
They don't have true intention of heart toward Men or SPIRIT, and they just need to GET OFF THIS PLANET.
If I thought someone loved the SPIRIT and Men, yet they were really conspiring and I intended for them to recover but then they didn't then that breaks my heart.
"Walk away rather than hurt, hurt rather than mame, mame rather than kill, kill only to save your life or the lives of others." But if the SPIRIT is the one teaching then what will be will be perfect. Once they find it is not me but the SPIRIT they have angered then what?
One more synch with April 13th was in what the Master said about May 13th in this Kung Fu show even today as I watched it. About 3:21 in the video


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