Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Country being led down the Garden Path by haters within

My post in comments of this Article

Stephentree •
The nation is being led down the garden path as though everyone in the IRS is a democrat in a democratic presidency. But what is really happening is those that manipulate within the organization are like the woman that says "I love You, I love you" but the real intention is to lead the country astray and embarrass and humiliate those they really hate. Classical, in fact the synchronicity of events in this country is exactly this. We are about to go through a terrible experience in this country because of enemies without and enemies within. Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let those that love their interpretation of self rightness more than they love each other be revealed!

Notice: this has nothing to do with anyone in the forums, but reflects on the general idea of the synchs in my reality in the past.... way way before these forums and is important to present at this time in history without the emotional baggage of those that would intentionally misunderstand. For the good of this country we need to lay aside any intentional misunderstandings. 

Series of troubles for white-house headaches could be intentional to break the back of the democratic presidency by those that would seek to manipulate and lead the country down the Garden Path to humiliation intentionally. But the enemies within are not the only ones plotting!!!!!!!!!!!!


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