Saturday, January 11, 2014

The JOLT we all share related to relationship and a broken heart

I found a very good example of what the SPIRIT used to break my heart, and how it relates to the broken heart of those that shared time as our own story on the net has grown in the passion to reach You with the storms and everything predicted since 1993.

Doc Martin season 6 Episode 8 where Martin's relationship with his work/purpose his relationship with his mother and father reflect in why Louisa and Martin come to a point of breakdown. The loss of his child, his moments alone all reflect a building broken heart that reaches both he and Louisa. It was the loss of children and how they are controlled by a belief system that requires a man to be what is demanded without time for reflection to find naturally what he could be through having time with the child (suffer the children to spend time with father's as the fathers instinct creates) It was loosing children and not being allowed in this society to develop such relationship naturally and having to accept the cookie cutter plan that most effects men's inability to fit. Of course his loss of Louisa who is a bit quick to misunderstand compounds the situation. This particular episode reveals all the parts of the broken heart that reaches to change both parties. Both of loosing You and the accident that reaches him to the heart.

I guess I will never be listed as family, I guess you are embarrassed by me. The time has come to say goodbye again.

On the net the child we both bore was the story and relationship that spelled out the interpretation of the father's stories and how they are carried forward. The original intent was for the SPIRIT to be the only medium between man and GOD and there was not to be anything between these two. This of course was quickly covered over by 350ad. Early into relationship the snake and whom he influences leads mankind astray from the simplicity of relationship with SPIRIT.


As I write this Yentle came on
Sacred books were for Men, Picture books for women
But it's time to reach You
Papa, can YOU hear me
We agreed in the pain of the garden to take on an interpretation to keep the peace
We chose to live alone and hide ourselves from SPIRIT
The pain and separation of reaching You in this generation is a reflection of that pain
You have heard it said if You will not hear the SPIRIT then You must keep the letter
every jot and tittle! But this was only a salve to keep the peace because You/humans like a wife that would not hear it, would not accept the truth and the harshness of the letter/law was needed because of the hardness of hearts. Both the hardness of those under the law, and those administering the law.
Good synch with Fiddler on the Roof of late

If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, which are written in this book, and do not revere this glorious and awesome name--the LORD your God--
the LORD will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses.
Sounds like what is happening
The trick was that no one could keep them, but they demand the law to control the fears of those that would otherwise die at the hand of fate. But that the SPIRIT do the keeping through You, therefore 
this is really saying You must be born of the SPIRIT and this is what reached to the heart of those speaking for the SPIRIT in those days.
Many synchs with the snow pack and Pam and my intention during the last drought and the March Miracle which we shared traveling and dreaming.

This is love, that keeps the sun rising, that we do not look at appearances but see what YOU have done for me over and over MY LIFE. Praying now for that MARCH EVENT.

feel it on my finger tips. Hear it on my window paneYour love's coming down like rain... Wash away my ... down like rain... Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain Your love is coming down like rain



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