Thursday, March 13, 2014

The message of SOURCE is to start new with SPIRIT, LIFE IS SHORT!

This was posted by a friend of mine that I knew her mom and her when she was 14yrs old. The simplicity of love and truth that radiated through this person was a great memory of a great friendship.

The simplicity of knowing SPIRIT/SOURCE leads to miracles and reaches to the heart to reveal the law of SPIRIT which cannot be seen without true intention of heart. The cross that a man carries is knowing his own heart unveiled and uninhibited until he experiences a new birth that reveals this law in his heart that he will not separate from SPIRIT. All have sinned but the humiliation of why we do what we do is necessary to reach us to the heart. Like this sign I would like to say thanks to the SPIRIT for how YOU/MY LIFE nailed me like this sign to that tree.
Attention to the flesh leads to desolation this is true, but thanks be to SPIRIT/SOURCE for the chance to start new and leave shame and blame and start new, this is the message of SOURCE. True intention of heart trumps the hidden intentions that seek to create hell because both sides are equal and have failed terribly some being led some leading, but to believe in SPIRIT and have such great promises from YOU/MY LIFE is the rightness of GOD not who can blame and shame the most. The humiliation of CHRIST is the shame dropping the cross until YOU pick it up and carry it for HIM.

To YOU/You that loved me
What a man truly is would break his own heart 
(But YOU/You loved me)
Especially as it effects those he truly loves
But words don't suffice, only the SPIRIT can reach You
Those that hate me look for something that can be  misunderstood, "now I have got You"
He too does not know what he is doing
He wants what You want especially when it is mutual


My greatest foe was also a wonderful experience and had a smile that I wish to believe in that was the dream of believing SPIRIT would reach you to the heart. I could not reach you, but SPIRIT will that you too can start new with SOURCE.
Post about relationship
in relationship/marriage Water is turned to Wine
Understanding is turned to Experience
Where does the Rubber hit the road?
When does the water really turn to wine?


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