Tuesday, March 25, 2014

YOU and I

There needed to be only YOU and I, like it was in the beginning
I saw only YOU and my experience was only YOU
When others came again into this new life it still was only YOU and I, because I saw and heard the SPIRIT as I had learned to in my loneliness, but now also through whom I was given to love. When the love was real even with a pet, each part becoming my life. Now, still, there is only YOU and I as YOU are in them. There will always only be YOU and I.

Opportunity is Coming, Opportunity is YOU coming in a new form.

No mirror becomes an iron board again,
No bread can turn back to the wheat grain!

You cannot make of wine, clusters of grape,
A tulip cropped- will never be tied to the scape!

Let life take you to the unchangeable, in its furnace, 
Let it make of you, an everlasting ray of light- on Earth! R U M I


Let yourself be pulled by the stronger cord of that which you love


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