Thursday, April 17, 2014

As to a thread about how we should interpret scripture

One is given by edict, one is given by the SPIRIT but as the nose for the body has many intentions so is every word received by the SPIRIT and it is love for the source that joins the many intentions. Each person embodies some of the intentions of the source. Living that life, drinking that cup. Don't miss the experience that is "YOUR/Your" life. (Meaning the life the SPIRIT is to live through You.) At first we are baptized in words, but then the LIFE of the SPIRIT becomes our life no longer are we limited by by words such as children are limited to their mother's milk. But it is love in us making everything pure that was profain. Having our hearts opened/circumcised by what we had before overlooked by being fish in a pond we are now more humble to agree that the SPIRIT is greater and that the ocean is so much more than we can interpret. If we love the SPIRIT/SOURCE we love each other knowing the SPIRIT can make it all right except that we limit GOD. Limiting GOD limits what we allow from the SPIRIT. Until we love HIM/SOURCE enough to say "REACH ME" which is the requirement of the SPIRIT through Jesus, we really are not getting our truth from SPIRIT. A child receives the words of his parents but it is LIFE/SOURCE experience that makes the words his own. No longer does it mean any one thing, but what it means is what the SPIRIT is about in this moment. So the greater thing to ask is not what the book says, but what the SPIRIT in this MOMENT is saying. The book really was meant to lead us to the door. SPIRIT says, I AM THE DOOR! Until we find the door we are like those that wandered in the wilderness not empowered yet by SPIRIT to enter into the DOOR! The book is a bunch of words that until quickened by the SPIRIT who are we to say, and then the heart that has been reached is it not more loving, more humble than those whom would interpret for us? I see this love in each that remain in this group.


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