Monday, April 14, 2014

Passion week blood moon eclipse Benicia,,betrayal

Because of the developments in the blood moon Benicia Eclipse passion week I felt I needed to post this here also.

So it must be a meaningful event as my synch with going to Benicia lines up with my posts about the blood moon eclipse. And another synch is the color of the sunset in Benicia and walking with Pam lately as in my thread. This color is related to that moon and perhaps the scarlet robe.
http://www.propheciesonline.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=57&start=380 Very important in the walk up to May 21st is that Palm Sunday was the day we were at the site of those Palm Trees in Benicia below that were all lit up during the last eclipse. So the meaning of the passion week is upon us.

This week in the poetry of the passion...

So it occurred to me that the last time Pam and I had gone to Benicia there was a synch with the eclipse then and the blood moon eclipse I had written about. I found some of the eclipse synchs but have to find the post with the lit up palm trees that night we were there.

I am going to find the benicia post but in the mean time I have some blood moon eclipse posts
Edit to add: Ok I found the post though it had been destroyed at Oro I found a very old copy

Feb 21, 2008 7:56 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
I wish I had time to do our story of the eclipse justice but I must do this fast as we have to head to Pittsburg California today. Then we will probably go back to the little town of Benicia that we were in last night.. What a wonderful experience it was as we walked by the water the big Palm trees by the waterfront were lit up with lights and the eclipse overhead happening. This was the bridge to Crocket behind us where the Navy synchs happened nov 29th.


We decided to go to the darling little cafe that was floated to the spot it is now at by a barge called Cliffs cafe and bar to watch the Eclipse and share a dinner plate. We stood outside by the bay watching the eclipse, the sky was not overcast like in the picture of the bridge but clear with what Pam called "comma like clouds". That was odd about Benicia as many homes were floated in, and many homes were being lifted up. It was a wonderland for old ships and buildings. As we walked in this magical place during the Eclipse I wrote about Moses and Jesus and the humiliation that portrays that the religious NEVER KNEW ME. More later.

Humiliation,,, the end of religion.. Eclipse blood moon



Synch with Israel leader saying peace on kvie and other folks on the next channel also.



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