Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Miracle that carries us through the Storm!


An ordinary Christian like my mother having true intention of heart melded with me perfectly through this love. We came to see the miracle of what SPIRIT has planned for us and how we were delivered together from the flood to show the SPIRIT love for us. Even my brother's intent that I shepherd the flock was made perfect though all my brother's and sisters are different. Believing, be whatever You are with true intent to love and the SPIRIT will merge the two together.

As we left Orlando I remembered the Storms in the way while I was in Denver an
The intentions with my mother to have a real experience with SPIRIT. I told
Mother about the synch with a Tornado in front and one in rear but we were safe
With the SPIRIT in the middle.

So last night pertaining to my mother and others I was given the promise I gave my mother on the trip out from Florida,,,

For the SPIRIT said there would be a storm in back of us and in front of us but that we would be delivered from them all.

Again from the post BapRain
My mother also knew it was right and soon we found that the water had just receded and everyone did not believe me when I had told them at the motel that the way would open up. We noticed off to the side by the tracks up above the road that dumpsters and Ice machines had been carried by the water and deposited at the tracks but could not go over them. People were out taking pictures of this as we passed by. Sure enough the way was open but no one was on the road because of the notifications that all directions were blocked

Why nobody believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!

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