Saturday, August 29, 2015

Next cycle of presumption completing

about this time each year I go through an experience where the presumptuous misinterpret and I find myself outcast. More later.

The presumptuous read a book and condemn others not knowing they are caught in their own net which only the Spirit  can free them from.


As if on que those that hated and manipulated to get rid of Pam and I back on May 21st the date we were forced out to live in our unfinished cabin.Because May 21st is the usual date which is the normal cycle beginning and these found themselves moving out on Aug 26th 2015 anyway as we let go of them and let the SPIRIT handle their intentional misunderstanding.

Patience, intention and trust leads to the tables turning. More later.

This is probably occurring much wider than I currently perceive.
Tonight's writing

Long ago, when I had time to feel and be alone, I thought about the futility of everything we can possibly conceive or do and realized the only true treasure was to experience SPIRIT.

Those who know your name trust in YOU, for you, have never forsaken those who seek you.
So it is that the words also must die in YOU and be born of the SPIRIT.
Aug 29th 2013


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