Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Wrecking Ball President Trump..... Not such a bad thing

As happened right after the SPIRIT predicted the largest hurricane Katrina, and After Irene was predicted because of presumption and is it now after telling Eagle I wanted a backup that it all has been taken away? What? so people cannot see the evidence that this was predicted.
Those that have seen and heard what was predicted will tell the Story of how word can never reach Americans because this country is not free of speech and never has been. Everything that is real is covered and hidden like Katrina, and Irene and "perhaps" now this record at propheciesonline.com Don't worry, this is only another in a series of seemingly unfortunate events that will help to show this to the world as many copies of that material have been read and copied by others.

Not Again 

Well, the reality that it is not one side that is right but that there is good that is being overlooked by both sides and hearing the stories of your neighbors empowers you to see past the politics.

The stimulation of business (without regard to natural law) to keep this way of life is a strength of the right but we have come to a point we cannot let interpretations take the place of SPIRIT or we destroy ourselves. And the ideas of love being more than our traditions that keep us blinded and actually not able to love at all. So the left has given us what the SPIRIT has done there now we must not let our presumptions about GOD cause us to become haters on both sides. This a great time of change and though he obviously has alternative motives Trump is the agent of this upheaval beginning.

There is coming a time and it is drawing near where within their hearts all men will pear. No longer will they say the truth is out there for the word they sought was very near even in their mouths and in their hearts. We want those that do business to do it but equitably. We want those that explore love to continue but with true intention of heart. We want those that want to have children to experience that but without love for that child you create worse than if it was to be stopped. Real life does not begin at physical birth but once the heart is reached by living so that something eternal grows.

So we will not fix this separation except through SPIRIT.

The powerful magic that comes in dangerous times because the heart has been reached!

I hear YOU is the synch last night.

SPIRIT comes in a strong wind

The Wrecking Ball President Trump..... Not such a bad thing.. For him perhaps it will be in the end but what change it brings that is not as they intended but what their efforts while closing their ears to the other side will have wrought. I hear YOU is the intent of the Woman's movement at this moment. Without hearing their will be such a backlash
A fire so hot it will melt the veil separating you and I /us and them/ east and west/ democrat and republican/ husband and wife/ Christian and Muslim.


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