Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bear attacks last summer and the coming Russian movement

 I am kept hidden from those that need to hear the story of the synchs since 1993. Is it not better that a few lives impeading are lost to wake people rather than millions as where we are headed?
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The Bear/Russian attacks will happen but I cannot know for sure "yet" why they wanted Trump, whether it is because he is a simpleton which they can manipulate or whether they have something on him or like Judas he believes we should cooperate. (Edit to add=As I worked on this synch I received that the intention was that they knew it would destabilize our mutual cooperation inside America.) But the answer is hidden in plain view in these synchs. Those hiding this will begin to find things go better for them (synchronistically) if they cooperate.

The growing provocation
When the storm begins, nobody wins

I believe the Russians will be much more a part of the dialectic this summer. The situation becoming much more contentious as we stick to our interpretation over seeking mutual truth. The bear attacks of last summer at the time of the synch with YOU and I collide and starting in April and growing in June is related to this synch.

when I first posted about Russia, it seemed completely unlikely.
Because of how fast my family and my life are changing I imagine things are going to move swiftly now.

Lies have increased since this election many fold. Lying to throw people off feels like a tactic that is also in play. I am also drawn to this thread related to this.

On the tv right now "We can no longer trust those that are seeking to divide us" 
Like the man today that cannot be trusted that asked for the resignation of someone (flynn) saying he could not be trusted. Trump and the problem of moral authority as well as legal authority... It is impossible for trust to increase as these cannot be greater than their master. There is no way for this to get better with the points that exist in this equation. The US has been made very vulnerable because of the anger of those being fed a lie causing this country to separate and not cooperate, therefore it is ripe to be manipulated by an outside force. Divide and Conquer (PutinTrump)

The language of synchronicity with SPIRIT allows you to see connections that extend out in time.

Must add that the 12 are the belief systems and each is a fruit in the garden and instead of separation and each believing the other is wrong and they are right rather they are all fruit of one SPIRIT. When we interpret religion without SPIRIT we cannot see this because the interpretation cover this up. Like the 12 in the movie Arrival that said we must cooperate but the interpretation leads to separation and death.


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