Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Synch with Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have sown in anger and falsehood to the wind
 they will reap a whirlwind of PASSION 

Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted September 10, 2011 AND This link

This pyramid was built by love

As I opened the door a flock of Geese Screamed above my head!!!!!!!!!!!

And this strange ongoing brick synch

And this brick synch is also related to this period as it was posted Sept 3rd to the 15th of Sept 2007

These synchs were prepared by the Spirit that is MY LIFE for THIS MOMENT!

And from the second link (There are many links associated with this post)

What with the Storms, (Aug 26th synch) YOU and I collide (Aug 27th synch) and Russian Attack (Aug 29th) this year has been such a powerful message that everyone disregards.
Presumption Disregards the SPIRIT and leads to broken hearts while lifting up the SPIRIT of GOD as the answer to what has been overlooked, leads to Miracles, Time is Short!
Related Synchs
Saturday, September 10, 2011
Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I opened the door a flock of Geese Screamed above my head
Passion and Your enemies

As I have experienced this twice in my life I will say that it will become known that there had never been so much manipulation in this country as that was said in both instances before in court/proceedings. 

The SPIRIT could not reach them therefore their hearts must be broken first.

If the system is blocked to you then create in another direction. Build your own world! (Through SPIRIT)

They have chosen to disregard you, it is best to disregard them and create around the block trusting the SPIRIT will make a way. The smallest of points OVERLOOKED always exists. Ask for it and it will be given to you. This moment was intended!

Time is Short! Therefore I must break your hearts!


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