Saturday, March 04, 2017

Lady Liberty Synch April 2012 Becoming Animated Now

It is obvious to me that the forums are not the place to interact with people as "most" every person on the forums has an agenda and is trying to manipulate or play some angle on the forums. It may be a good place to post but the interaction is just crap continuously and that may be the motive of the opposition as nobody on the forums is interested in letting anyone else hear this information though it should be very relevant to this time in history. And the trolls are never going to leave it alone and turn and help so I will just post. I  mean even those saying they are there for the SPIRIT just want to run their own angle and not help get any of this out.

Now last night was such a blatant and timely message on Caroline Casey KPFA Woof Woof  Visionary Activist show was all about the same synch I had in 2012 April 12th about how American women like like the Statue of Liberty woman would soon begin to lift up the SPIRIT (light) in the way the synch indicated.

It was very interesting and followed the synch exactly!

The difference between a passionate American Woman with true intention of heart vs these women taught to lead a man down the garden path and then trap them use public humiliation in order to use a stereotype about men to gain money but rather there are women just as passionate as men to find out what the SPIRIT means by this school of life and passion. I believe some with true intention of heart and not looking for an angle will rise up and reveal the difference between living with a guiding SPIRIT or manipulating your way through life like money and this administration. Yes, she may have been presumptuous for a while,,, but she is ready to let go of presumption and seek the SPIRIT and lift up what she formally did not understand.

I feel it coming don't YOU! She is a passionate being seeking to know her own wild heart and not going to let this administration tell her who she is supposed to be.

I feel it coming!
Maybe even this one from the same site might fit the synch🙋

I must edit to add because Just Now my friend Jonathan who has been dealing with exactly this  subject sent me a story about a Paper Spoon and I jokingly said Paper Moon and he asked why I said that I said "I don't know but probably has something to do with this. And sure enough it did as I looked it up.
If you believed in me. It's a romantic device alluding to how whacked a young human mind can get when the cortisol/estrogen/testosterone mix is flowing… and insanity can turn a piece of cardboard into the Moon, or make dreams into reality. Otherwise known as "magical thinking", much like religion.

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