Friday, March 17, 2017


As improbable as it may seem, there is a group of predictions that have been right on that need to be seen for what they can do for the American Left. Not only did these predictions predict Katrina to be the largest hurricane a month before it arrived but also predicted hurricane Irene to be the only storm of the summer of 2011 but also that it would arrive on the death date of the messenger’s father and it was predicted on May 21st 2011! The predictions went on to predict the 2008 stock market crash exactly to the day two years before it happened. The Meltdown one year before it happened. The LA train crash that would occur coming out of a tunnel 13 days before it happened but also numerous landslides and other predictions. But also the predictions about Trump and leaders lead astray and the GOP humiliation that is coming. There are hundreds of other synchs/predictions based on the idea of synchronicity (phenomenon spoken of by Carl Jung) which also WILL become reality. I am writing to you because of your position related to the freedom that is being tampered with by the present Whitehorse administration.

This letter and the links to all the predictions will be posted on http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2017/03/synchronicities-of-growing-dnatree.html
You will also be able to see what others said when each were predicted and when each then became reality. The idea of human presumption is very much a part of the synchs. Please do not dismiss this as there is growning evidence of what happens to those that do intentionally misunderstand or dismiss this message by life itself. Your friend and American Paul Steven Spence (DNATREE)

There are those that want to cover up and manipulate to make sure others do not see these predictions. So after Katrina and then again after Irene websites where these were originally posted were closed by those fleeing humiliation and hating the messenger. But if you google dnatree + keywords you will be able to find the synchs if the links have been broken as most of them were saved and posted on stephentree.com


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