Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Coming Orange Event,

Those that have followed the synchs from the beginning, many who view this forum but do not post, even though they may have been heart broken will understand what others cannot see. As many will remember when it was said and how because of their own disbelief and presumption what was predicted is happening. But let us get to the redemption for it is as the SPIRIT spoke before.

The Grifter synch Jan 15,2016
The reason Bannon was happy when he heard about all the protesters after the travel ban is the same reason
and the poetry of that  "person" that planned in their heart to setup a man and use the law in a manner it was not intended. Only this time it will be using the highest office in the land to do the same. For when that "person" wanted to take control of the situation they planned to cause a situation where everything that they could cause the person to react and do would be used against them in a court when really it was the person planning that was causing it and had criminal intent. So do not fight them, but rather JUMP FOR JOY AND TELL EVERYONE to do the same as every arrow that they try to set people up on using their authority in a manner not intended will come to no avail. And like Dutch that took every opportunity to intimidate my family because he planned what he would use against them when they react but this did not profit him either. So it is that everything that you do to show resistance is being used and lied about in order to use it to make laws to limit free speech and free press and everything that those not hiding behind a veil of interpretation want to experience is being limited in order to control and bring about their power intentions and money intentions. But JUMP FOR JOY because even all these that they bring into office designed to intimidate the SPIRIT will actually gather them for a great EVENT... let's call it the ORANGE EVENT. And as posted before this needs to be in everyone's heart so that they will benefit from seeing what the SPIRIT is going to do. Such as the SPIRIT will reach the whole world with their humiliation. I see the SPIRIT getting many beliefs under one hat by all these billionaires and ultra right being brought together because of the coming EVENT. Whale Synch and the Bubblenet. 2/2012 You need to help the SPIRIT reach others so that this can be a great lifting up of the SPIRIT. 

It is not them being smart as they think they are that will give them the power to try to do this but the SPIRIT put it in their mind to reach you as I wrote about the experiences of the past that they were pointing to ever larger and greater experience to reach you.

The reason Bannon was glad when the reaction was protest is what you will see them lie and use against protesters now.

They will speak of the miracles that will be done but don't follow them,,, rather follow the SPIRIT which is in your own heart with intention to synergies with even those opposite as a hand fits a glove. Without the love learned from SPIRIT this is impossible.

Until I can post all the links you can go to dnatree on google and this forum to see the posts about this and to see the energy that led up to this in our lives. Work with whatever energy is presented as though there is only SPIRIT and You, but do not trust or follow humans, rather follow the SPIRIT while loving them.

Many will follow after them,  but follow the SPIRIT because the intentions that bore their plan cannot lead to what they say no matter who wrote the speeches. A tree cannot change it's fruit it bears, not it has to begin new or the ravages of it's seed will become evident.


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