Monday, April 03, 2017

Nobody knows how the story ends

For a long time the SPIRIT has spoken that Hidden in Plain View is the smallest of points overlooked about the reality that is not known by those that worship the persona Jesus  and DO NOT KNOW THE SPIRIT that was really speaking through him. I mean if it was John the Baptist that wild-heart that came and spoke the world without Jesus and then spoke of this beast that would come later then people might be confused because they might see that John the Baptist was kind of like this beast. Now let's say that the smallest of points overlooked changed how we see Jesus and puts him not as the perfect image we interpret/worship rather than the SPIRIT but more like John the Baptist. (his relation) Well, what if the SPIRIT speaking at the time was revealing what those there at the time could see plainly but got lost in the interpretation of the words over the millennia. So I would not trust my own interpretation or those of men over what the experience of trusting SPIRIT had to show me about this whole thing. You know, if the SPIRIT was to be able to reveal such a truth about the Bible writings then that would be like all those back there were raised from the dead. I think if we knew who we are we would find that we are they! Anyway, I have always contended that the scripture/writing interpreted without the SPIRIT would be that deluding influence Jesus said he would send that would lead everyone to follow a lie. The SPIRIT through the synchs has been saying that about the smallest of points overlooked, and then revealing the presumption of all us humans, in that what we could not have known.. showed up like a "fact". When it becomes obvious that those worshiping an interpretation are actually worshiping the persona and not knowing the SPIRIT.

But anyway, enough of that

Yesterday we watched Pete's Dragon and it was sweet some of the music I felt because of the synchronicity theme of FINDING HOME.


Song about Something Wild calls you HOME!

Love is Deep
Because the Road is long
Getting back Home


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