Friday, March 17, 2017

You cannot get good fruit from a thorn bush

You cannot get good fruit from a thorn bush

Been having this synch about the energy that created each aspect of this presidency and how it is all to go horribly wrong. The reason being the energy into which each aspect of this presidency was created. Starting with the anger, the hate and of course the lie that so many wanted to believe though they know it is not true. They hated so much that they made an agreement as a group.(Spiritual group energy)... well more on that later. Been walking around watching the German chancellor and Trump and realizing that she really thinks he does not have a clue but cannot say it.😏 Rather embarrassing when Trump said to blame Fox News as it turns out his favorite news agency embarrassed him because he used their lie when it was really meant for the gop base ,,, kinda what I am expecting with this synch with everything else going wrong and of course he will blame the other guy.😉 But then as I am thinking about this on the roku news we were watching the late night videos and then the Fallon clip about the guys in the play where everything goes wrong and wow that is what the synch is. Of course this is all part of the synch with the GOP Humiliation and the smart/pride and how they have totally overlooked the smallest of points which is the SPIRIT.

 There is a great story coming to show the world the Smallest of Points overlooked which IS the SPIRIT. June 2011


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