Sunday, April 09, 2017

Orange is coming and Sailing and healing

Re: Coming GOP humiliation and Orange is Coming

because of the anger and hate and separation involved in the creation/election of Trump all the outcomes will lead to greater anger, hate and separation between nations

You all are doing well at getting to the issues here,, Thanks firstcat and Littlelight and littlebet also.

Let me add that like my own life when things are growing that will lead to negative fruit I find by paying attention to SPIRIT I am JOLTED in a new direction before the fruit is bad but if I don't then it is like not listening to anyone and waiting until nukes are required. :o :o 

So like stories we have all heard of peoples as a nation trusting SPIRIT the answer comes about in a manner we could not have anticipated to thwart a growing problem. Such as blowing trumpets at Jericho or even a smaller word at the right moment such as the true intent of prophecy.

I have said that because of the anger and hate and separation involved in the creation/election of Trump all the outcomes will lead to greater anger, hate and separation between nations etc. Adding to the DOD budget instead of listening to SPIRIT and instead of listening across the aisle is what will lead to desolation. 
Those that think as they read this that such seeds of sowing are not related are to be recipients of amplified returns (allowed to move closer to the fire) of such in order that they may have their ideological wool removed from their eyes. Making them more receptive to SPIRIT.

The support for SPIRIT is improving and will reflect in good creations on a global scale. thanks!

Also while in Kentucky in Sneads Pam picked up some coal on the ground
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Re: Sailing, Surfing, the wave and the worry, healing
Pam and I were getting our hair cut and a lady named Anne was talking about how stress had caused her to get sick and how she was changing her life because of it.

Later Pam and I talked about how we JOLTED out of such energy to find FRESHNESS that was related to healing. 

Each thought that a person puts out adds to the creation of their experience. Bad thoughts create bad things and reality knows how to disconnect what we think with what we get so that if we want to believe this is not true it seems that way.

For me I know that MY LIFE TREE which has grown according to Relationship with SPIRIT knows me and knows what I need. I don't really make those decisions of what experiences I need I just know to have passion and say yes to everything that I am attracted to in the way of experience.

That usually leads to wonderful moments where Pam and I find ourselves in sanctuary with an aspect of life. Like yesterday we took off to a pawn shop to pick up some equipment and just kept driving as it was a beautiful day. We ended up in Picket state park at the natural bridge and then going through Big South Fork and finding the Scenic Railroad. Another of our wonderful experiences was finding Cumberland State park and enjoying the sandstone buildings that were made during the 1930's by the CCC. Getting lost and finding wonderful experience helps Pam and I be creative like the ideas they had in the 30's with the sandstone walks and all the stone we have on our property.


The more I allow SPIRIT to JOLT me away from my worries brought about from daily life the more I am taken to FRESH perspective and portions of myself that have been neglected are accessed by thoughts and emotions that otherwise would not be. This is how those neglected parts are REACHED which is part of REACHING YOU.

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