Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"abomination that horrifies all who see it_ Orange Event

They don't know what they are doing, (father forgive them) But knowing what it will take now to reach them and having no help to scan the synchs (hint, hint) I am feeling like in the garden of Gethsemane wanting this not to go on as it is so horrific since we cannot reach them it must be the  SPIRIT reaching them.. (Abomination of horrification) "abomination that horrifies all who see it" Orange Event Link

So the Bear/Russian attack synch began by a sighting on Jun 27, 2010 (today in history)

DNATREE: Passion week blood moon eclipse Benicia,,betrayal

Next subject
The times Jesus forgave and the interpreters were wrong such as the woman caught in adultery and all the "self right" thought it was right to stone her as the "letter indicates" but the way Jesus forgave her and revealed all have sinned, there are none right, was to reveal how everything interpreted without SPIRIT is a sin and not the person with true intention of heart living life and getting setup by a whore and all the women who hate men want to believe a lie because of their true intention of heart, therefore, the letter without SPIRIT has set them up. (caught in a net link dnatree bubblenet) They who set their interpretation above the SPIRIT have blasphemed the SPIRIT and think the only use for scripture is for them to use against whom they wish to manipulate.


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