Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Because of your slowness in believing he will get away with a lot

My prediction that politics would be like the great MANIPULATION that happened to my family was predicted as early as Jan 2016 and it is time to reveal just how coincidental the synchs are with what is happening in politics. First none of my family knew what the con man really had planned to steal from my family and had his constituents around town believing that the family was stealing the inheritance money from our handicapped sister. He had made her believe that she was to have it even though the will said what to use it for on the farm. The family believed him when he barefaced lied to them that he was not taking the money. But he let me know that it was her money and he was marrying my handicapped sister in order to use Marriage law in a manner it was not intended. My family finally realized just before it was made clear what he was doing as he had already let the lawyer know. Then the family got behind me. I believe that very few know the real plans of Donald Trump but if you look at all the evidence in my posts and private notes you will find out where this is all going as Orange is coming, leaders lead astray, and the GOP humiliation was predicted in 2012 and earlier. See dnatree orange etc. The others in the party that seem to be worshiping his intellect which reflects our con man's belief about him self too are mostly unknowing partners in crime as like our con man he can look you straight in the eye and tell you exactly what he wants you to believe and you would not believe it could possibly be different. Even the term "nut job" was used by our con man and later my family realized he had defamed me and used their trust against them. You, will be held accountable both news agencies and fbi etc as my posts I am sure you have received.

The predictions of Katrina, Irene, Stockmarket crash, meltdown and many many more

Because of your slowness in believing he will get away with a lot but not everything that he intended, and many will turn and see before he can but hearts will break! At this point it will be desolation anyway and not everyone will go on after but though the path will seem to end those believing in SPIRIT will be shown the way the path will go on.


Barefaced lying kept everyone unsure in the town until he had accomplished what he had set out to do. All would have been lost for our family if I had not gotten them to see what was going on and turned it around before we lost the land as well.


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