Saturday, August 19, 2017

The prediction about all those gathered under Trumps hat Monday, March 27, 2017 related to Bannon

This was the prediction about all those gathered under Trumps hat google "under the hat" dnatree

A Great Message of Hope

From now on Trump, Bannon and those like Hannity since they believe ideology is much greater than facts which may be true if you allow SPIRIT to give you your life but since they don't it is time that their ideology will now become a stumbling block since they love their interpretations more than they love those they serve. So no thanks to those blocking but a message of great hope is forming that we have diverted from what could have been total desolation and there is a growing hope.
It will be amazing to see how the SPIRIT takes this seemingly bad thing of Trump becoming president and uses it to do what could never be done by saying so much about all who are being brought under the hat.

The Great Turning Or The Great Unraveling

One of my synchs about the ideology that will become a stumbling block also is revealed in this edition of the New Dimensions radio. The storm in our country which has been predicted and the shame and blame is growing but also all who have been drawn under the hat of this administration will also have their true intentions of heart revealed together as their ideology of MONEY and POWER begins to become their worst enemy.
This relates to who is first in ideology will be last in the SPIRIT


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