Monday, October 30, 2017

Both sides are wrong, let go of the veil of interpretation as it is only leading to separation and desolation

Both sides are wrong, let go of the veil of interpretation as it is only leading to separation and desolation

The veil of interpretation is what has separated you and I, we should never have felt shame or blame. Remember the pain in the garden (eden,relationship,other) remember, you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears, like a veil, you have hidden YOURSELF from me. I'm waiting, standing at the door between the two houses, Until the MOMENT............you take me back. Why do you hide yourself from me? Remember the covenant we share? Remember,, we created the sunrise to remind us HOW to start new!

Everyone thinks that thier presumption is God and that they are right but the fact is they did not get thier interpretation from SPIRIT.  Ok, that includes me! 

 Ok where is this leading.

This rift between women and men.  If you follow the interpretation given girls then men are evil just because of testosterone.  It is the interpretation that is offending but they cannot believe the truth of SPIRIT that must be learned from SPIRIT. Like child's play it is meant to be for a period and like play in a sandbox it is designed to teach the aspects of life that if they are not learned in the sandbox they are learned in much more destructive ways later. But men cannot learn them because of the law which is given them by those that don't even have testosterone. And girls, because of shame and blame they cannot see what is in plain sight because they are given this same interpretation.  What life is to teach them would reveal what they are taught never to believe because it takes away their ability to blame and blame leads to intentional misunderstanding that men often complain about. Interpretation is making your own laws so that you can say others have broken them, but if you would wait on SPIRIT you would find healing from that pain. So the veil is over the eyes of both sides the only one not wearing a veil is SPIRIT towards man and women. Therefore it is between YOU/SPIRIT and human that the first relationship that grows into the rest of them is first started.

The weakness of the law is where a person can plan to use the law against another and it will have the appearance that they are right but the judge of the heart knows better. And a man following his wild heart with true intent to understand why he is led into temptation would then be greater than the one manipulating to use him and make it look like he used her and vise versa. It works both ways. But if both sides are really wrong then where is the right to be right? Why both should be cast into desolation that they might learn what is the true intention of the heart and that is what this moment is about. If men and women will not humble themselves to learn from SPIRIT they will be crushed. The purpose of this time though so many refuse to look at the predictions and synchs is to reveal the true intentions of the heart. And both sides will be brought to thier knees. Not like religion demands so much as how the true intention of the heart does.

DNATREE: Desolation is assured


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