Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lend me your eyes

"Lend Me Your Eyes and I will Change what You See"

This synch began with Johnathan sending me pics of what he was thinking about and I was attracted to a pic of a girl that had her hair covering her left eye.  Sort of like this
But the girl was smoking and short ginger hair and very attractive and risque. So as usual when a man's layers are filled with a dream the energy of SPIRIT begins to draw similar to him and mixes it with the synch. Like my partner has left eye problems and then I meet the worker at the the donut shop and he had his left eye replaced when it was poked out when he was young. But then  this new colored eye was also damaged so that it was meant to be that he see with only one eye. We had many spiritual synchs about prophets etc with him as he taught in a spiritual circle. We also met a waitress that morning at Waffle house that had the hair covering her left eye. This also has to do with my desire for healing for Pam and my desire to reach you with what the SPIRIT has SHOWN ME.
 As I write this I stop and put the dog outside and fill his water bowl and this verse enters into my mind.

And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.

One thing that I had to do was let go of the "veil of interpretation" given me by those that never knew the "SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus," therefore I had to let the synchs overtake... oh that word overtake "takes" me back to a synch in 2002 that explains it.

The new man that has been growing overtakes the old man. It is better to go into heaven having one eye than having two being thrown into hell. (note here about loving a woman and domestication of a man by love.) This is the two minds that grow side by side the one (spirit) overtakes the other, flesh (interpretations of man, letter, own understandings) The love of spirit domesticates a man you do not need a law. For the law had me pondering what it is I was not to be doing but the spirit had me pondering a universe without regard to that thing that I was not to be pondering. (the bad thing the law says not to do)And if you allow it (that which you should not be pondering) in your temple then you have created it. But if by the power of love’s spirit I see through this veil of flesh and only see YOU, my love, my life, my savior, my queen, in the forms that make up this universe with me, then those things (bad things the law says not to do but have the thought of the thing I am not supposed to do in them) are not even in my world

The synchs of late have been making my life wonderful and I share the parts related to my intention to reach you.

(As I write this I get a call from Chattanooga with a business opportunity there next week. )

We fell in love with Julie Darling Donuts. Not only do they have great donuts and help but they have a living room with a fireplace and a parking lot right across from the walking bridge. 

Safety related to "attention to SPIRIT" and starting new with SPIRIT and all that are his own. Because in the past you may have persecuted him without knowing it.

Now because the SPIRIT knows the true intention of all hearts such as those that would despite-fully use others as the "three synchs" those who are aware know. So it is that all men have drawn this experience to themselves. That they might be reached to the heart. And it will be as a crime to follow such a leader as these who use their office and power and ego to endanger the world. I speak of Kim Jung Un and even leaders in America.

My experience of late greatly improved as my love and passion grew through the experiences that jolted Pam and I of late. Causing me to enter into sanctuary as I did when life was on edge and I was put in a situation where I must reach SPIRIT. 

Notes from Sanctuary alone with Pam in our home before the swarm of synchs.

Here with YOU/You
YOU/You  are in my heart and I am in yours. This is how everything is connected. Without love you are nothing!

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