Monday, October 30, 2017

Rewards of letting go of the Struggle

Jolting into Joy and the Rewards of letting go of the Struggle

We were invited to share a room for two nights in Gatlinburg that was paid for by our friends family.  They let us pay for some of the meals and events and we did happily as it was a lot of fun. We did not want to party as late as they did because Pam needs her rest and we experience our lives in a different way. So anyway we had a blast with them other than them coming in late and waking us up when we felt they knew Pam needed her rest REAL bad. But then we had to realize that his is how this person lives. They stay up late and listen to the tv till after midnight. Well anyway we had a great time and went to the Aquarium together and then rode the Gondola up the mountain and listened to the German singers and danced and laughed. I met a white American woman that had chosen to where a head cover and be muslim. She said she left the Struggle in Murfeesboro because of the white nationalists were coming there and decided to spend the weekend in Gatlinburg. But on the last night, they came in late again and Pam was sleeping and they got a little loud which I am sure they felt they had a right to, but that really disturbed Pam and I had to mediate between them a little to keep a problem from happening. We really enjoyed them and what we shared so I told Pam to remember to let go, have coffee and enjoy ourselves drivng home. So we let go of that struggle and found that instead of holding onto it we left a space for wonder and magic. It was amazing how everything turned out magical that day as we drove home. First it started to snow in the Smoky's as we left and we laughed and spoke of the wonder of letting go of the one little thing that could have been a problem between us and how much we do enjoy our friends even though everyone has their problems. It reminds me of how when I keep my eyes on SPIRIT it is like a butterfly that holds my attention and as I keep my eyes on that joy I find I step past the snakes and the pitfalls. That is the way it is with love and the SPIRIT. Joyful attention to SPIRIT which is akin to Worship keeps us expecting the best and wonders seem to never cease then.

All the way home we met people saying like when having lunch who would say it was no accident that we met. We were so happy with what life had given us.

I say this as it is time for all of us to let go of the struggle to be right and let SPIRIT reward us for choosing to live.


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