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Chaos and Save what you love

Chaos and save what you love is the synch today

Tonight driving home after going to dinner and watching The Last Jedi we stopped and had coffee at a huddle house because we felt like creating a memory to remember Christmas Eve the way we had so often in California by going to a place where people that are at home wherever they are gather.

We enjoyed the people there and a piece of pie and left for home. On the way home a program was on about my synch of late which is Chaos and how it will begin to effect humans. (The movie was not what I want to see, but the synch is) I am here to say how the SPIRIT is the Antidote in that walking close to SPIRIT keeps you in the right place at the right time.  The program talked about coincidences that happened that almost caused a nuclear explosion in Damascus Arkansas. And the mistakes made that led to the Navy ships crashing. Lately the SPIRIT has been saying that all the preparation will not help without SPIRIT because of the smallest of points overlooked. The message to let go of those that hate you and let the SPIRIT deal with them and REACH to save what you love.  (Edit to add: After writing this went to first new movie on Netflix and it Bright about how magic and Chaos) Related

DNATREE: Something Seemingly Rash

Here are two excerpts from

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Help Stem the Tide of desolation that is coming

The Horror that will be unleashed (Over the Edge presents – August 18, 2017)link link2Coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating You and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide

Neither side will win, When the Storm Begins Nobody Wins

The right people on the right that love their interpretation more than they love each other and the those on the left will fight against eachother and in this manner destroy all who are enemies of the SPIRIT as it was predicted like a great train crash.
Leave the Struggle and listen to the SPIRIT and leave the insanity that is to come.
So far all are blinded by hate and nobody is willing to lift up the SPIRIT as in the days of Noah!

Here are some posts about the subject of  Chaos

DNATREE: 20 yrs could not reach America, therefore your hearts will ...

Chaos will show that those that love interpretation never knew the Spirit, but only hide behind a veil to be viewed by others. And that those that have been shamed by the likes of those hiding were not the ones to fear, but ones own intentions that have been sown will be what they will reap.

DNATREE: DESOLATION is a part of life/death

DESOLATION also known as death is something that one passes through.DESOLATION is not the end of things however.
For as YOU suffered and passed through
So we too "our old lives end and new life begins"
It is the power to believe unto heaven that resurrects from hell
Adolescence could be spelled desolation
The creation story like my new beginning was order out of chaos through passion and intention
The way the SPIRIT made Pam and my dreams come true that we dreamed of finding home and removed the harsh aspects through inner peace.
YOU, are the sum of those who went before us, who dreamed and created the peaceful waterfall.
Be kind to those passing through. Be the hope of Heaven    That they might find SPIRIT and be guided to Heaven
Chaos and the weakness of the law.
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I began to have feelings about human reaction to disaster Monday when I read about the K2 climbers. I thought about when chaos strikes how the law could not do what the heart was meant to do. 
Later we watched a movie called Chaos Theory where a man that had everything planned has his world torn apart in one moment and he started living by whim. 
This same theme appeared today as we watched the Dark Knight [Batman] And how humans will react in chaos. 
I know when the Whirlwind hit me in my life after learning from synchronicity for so many years the effect was to take me from the world of human control and looking at the law and refocused my being on the "true intentions of the heart" because what the law will be powerless to do in "that moment" only the heart wil be able to do. We as humans chose to reject the Spirit over "a broken heart" and believed we knew better... that is when we went behind the veil. And because You cannot look at two things at once, the law led us away from the heart in making choices. How will humans react when they believe the boat is sinking for real? 
What God would break his own child's heart? What father, would do that? Why, if he loved them would he allow that. Well that is why she believed she knew better. 
But here is where the poetry begins to change from what those that never knew the true intention of the heart made it to be. 
For as it is written,,, God, so loved the world that he allowed his only son to suffer, even to the point of death to reach You. 
If You loved the truth more than the worlds interpretations, would You allow and trust life to break Your heart that You might know me?

Here is another synch about the naked Christ and the humiliation that the interpretation and those who use shame actually covered up.



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