Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monuments Men. Trump and Hitler

Today's synch is in Monuments Men. Trump and Hitler

You can wipe out an entire generation, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they'll still find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements and it's as if they never existed.

Nothing can be more obvious than what Trump is trying to do to Obama and the Left. But I already know how all this turns out because of the smallest of points overlooked. And it will be all who gather under this hat that will be forgotten. Especially those voting in Alabama condemning themselves because of what they say they believe yet they vote according to their hate.

Edit to add:It would be a far greater use of money to take the cost of one nuclear bomb and fill the ghost ships with food and send them to many areas of North Korea where the people are starving because of the "blockade".


A man can have complete true intention of heart and one liar can say anything and they don't care about the truth they DESIRE to believe what itches their ears the way they want it itched. Many are gathering under hats they think look safe but the TABLES WILL TURN and the smallest of points overlooked such as the ability of the HARLOT OF BABYLON to lie for money and what is visible is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT IS HIDDEN. Without the SPIRIT they all condemn themselves. A man is to lay down his life for the wife that has true intention of heart toward him and SPIRIT, but let the heart of the betrayer be revealed. For a woman that does the exact same thing as a man yet without the true intention of heart to know SPIRIT is looking for another sort of gain. Like what is calling itself Christians for Roy Moore. She is  that whore because she is voting against her own beliefs.

Sure, a wild hearted man is easily condemned but when they find out the what they have overlooked. The least of them will be greater than any that desire to believe a lie over what the SPIRIT has revealed. Sure the letter condemns everyone to death, but the SPIRIT is able to reveal the smallest of points overlooked that changes everything and renders all the interpretations which men and women worship meaningless.


It's a simple life, I go out in the cold and collect sticks for kindling for the pot bellied stove each morning. I gave up money back in 1993 when I realized the kind of vermin that was attracted to it. I like creating what I need for subsistence but those in my life now give as much as they get and they are not just on the planet to get a handout from welfare or manipulate like a whore. Money is about to be crammed up money's ass like what is happening with powerful men, and then the whores that secretly have sought their whole life will be revealed each one of them by what they thought was hidden beyond the ability of sight. Like the church that is actually the snake and the woman believing they knew Jesus,, whoring themselves for money right now like in the Alabama Election. While hidden in plain view was the Jesus they really never knew and would crucify all over again. After all, what did Jesus do with his testosterone? The men siding with women on their interpretation of virtue are actually hiding thoughts that the women would condemn every man on this planet for, because neither they nor the men ever knew the true intentions of their wild hearts. 

The men and the women involved in the fight over being "touched" by love are both equally complicate as I also was before my heart was broken. But if you loose your life for the SPIRIT's sake you find it, but if you loose your life fighting with an equally minded money monger you both are destined for hell.

Therefore, because of the great fire/separation and hate it is better to draw such a catastrophe that will reach all these money lovers to the heart and show them their true intent is meaningless compared to what is real.


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