Saturday, December 09, 2017

Why the least of the brethren will be greatest/sex/men/women

See what was posted over the last 20yrs before disregarding this
it is the smallest of points overlooked by everyone
related to the predicted Humiliation 

So those that know the synchs with SPIRIT will know that I have been having a synch with "Lead us not into temptation, EXCEPT for the purpose of delivering us from EVIL" and that to follow a man's interpretation such as all in religion without letting the SPIRIT lead is worthless. As I have said before I found through much true intention of heart toward SPIRIT that I was not to try to keep the law and what was written in the book but that YOU/SPIRIT would do through me what needed to be done. And just like David on the roof and Bathsheba, and the Song Hallelujah I found that going through that humiliation and pain and experiencing a broken heart that it was not the woman that did this to me but SHE/LIFE/SPIRIT. It was YOU/SPIRIT that did this to me in order to reach me to the heart. But this is only the beginning because the true message of Jesus that caused you to be hated above all men and even led to be killed all through history was the true intention of heart for YOU/GOD through YOUR namesake to make me what I am meant to be. They will follow a lie and lift up the interpretation that was whitewashed of everything related to the true meaning "The SPIRIT through" Jesus was saying about humiliation, being hated, and even killed because they demand you  worship their interpretation and the snake, being a man that wants to impress women, does not reveal the true intentions he hides in his heart when he looks upon a woman, caused by testosterone. No the snake even helps the woman that has no idea of the true intentions of the heart of a man to shame and blame that man while she herself never knew the  SPIRIT and PRESUMPTUOUSLY speaks what she cannot understand. The story of Jesus was one that if women really knew what he was speaking of relative to him saying "if you are ashamed of my words, then I will be ashamed of you before my father."  You see for anyone to see what is hidden in plain sight in what is called scripture they would be hated.

Let's look at this another way, the deluding influence that even the elect could be deceived is when the whole world follows after a lie. What if it is this interpretation of men that is pervaiding the news at this moment. As though Jesus never had the influence of testosterone. It will come to be that this is presumptuous people lifting up their interpretation above the SPIRIT just as the sign of the Pope doing at this moment. I tell you it is because of what was hidden and the books that were burned in Rome that Jesus said "The greatest is the least among you, and the last will be first, and first will be last.

Anyone other than those consumed by self rightness and hate at this moment could read the account leading to this moment that created everything that is happening right now. Once you see for yourself what the SPIRIT has done it will and look with true intent instead of hate for men, you will see what has been hidden in plain sight that could not be seen without the SPIRIT's leading. The poetry of 6 yrs living alone in 1993 with a broken heart when put to understanding the real meaning of SPIRIT through Jesus related to sex and love will now speak.  You never knew me!

You will be hated above all men
http://www.stephentree.com/lowest/ The End of the Presumptuous woman Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011
For all those even women that lift up their interpretation without the SPIRIT leading them to first "Loose their lives" are liars and thieves and their judgement will be their own.
Wild Hearts can't be broken posted 2001. Then learn from SPIRIT not to look upon a woman but to
have perfect wild hearted romance with SPIRIT where the dreamer and the dream are perfect such as the dream of the New Jerusalem coming down as a bride prepared. When HE and SHE meet, they know it is right!!!!!!
Desolation is Assured,, because of the separation in America between Men and Women
Passion necessary for Clarity of synchronicity


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