Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Russians, North Koreans, Women, presumption,Desolation

If the good things you see are true and someone has been reached then bless them the SPIRIT will reveal what is true and what is a manipulation, like the North Korean and the synchs since way before this administration about the bare faced lying as is in the news today.

Why you shouldn't buy North Korea's Olympic charm offensive

The things happening right now such as what is in the headlines right now were all predicted for the reason to reach you, and if you INTENTIONALLY overlook the predictions to believe this sinner did not have true intention in his life then you will find you are presumptuous as was also predicted and you are drawing your own punishment because of overlooking the SPIRIT and believing those that hate me. Here is another synch that seemed impossible when it was first predicted. The prediction several years ago of Russian attacks will be covered up "again" but I have saved the posts that are not on my blog already and will get them authenticated.

What seems natural to men and seems like joy "to both parties" turns out to be very offensive later to "some"women though it is natural on a planet of flesh,  The law, and punishment is based on the outer appearances and seems to be meant MAINLY for men on this planet. Knowing from the experience of being manipulated in court by a barefaced liar a "person" can easily escape retribution by using these appearances and biases against a man, or by manipulating the presumptions of women. Therefore, women never gain from the experience of shame and public humiliation in the same manner a man who allows it for the SPIRIT's sake can. Often they return to the vomit of using shame and blame instead of asking SPIRIT what the true intention of the heart are. And because of this they also make like a law their presumptions to which the very mention is worse than being accused of murder and there is no due process. 

Mutual Intention is what the SPIRIT respects between the two, whether it be men and women or political parties. But to back up in a corner and demand you are right without seeking to know both men and women's true intentions of heart leads to a growing desolation. It is for this reason that no matter how powerful a hater thinks they are they will fail in the long run.They demand you worship their interpretation and it will always lead to their own humiliation. (which is from their bias and not from SPIRIT) Take everything that a woman seeking to humiliate a man publicly for money does, all it does is cause that man to hate his life which leads to desolation. Real power is a very subtle thing that is hidden in the heart but without belief that power is dead.


They worship the partial and make their interpretations without the complete which is the SPIRIT then they destroy whom does not worship their interpretations.


I was upset that I could not find my way and the path was not clear ahead. It seemed to end.  Then I remembered all the synchs with getting lost and the place you get lost to turns out to be where the SPIRIT meets you. (Like Ft. Bragg Ca.) This seems to be the meaning of "You must lose your way in order to find it".

The Russians are reading this blog more heavily than Americans lately and there is a reason they can see what it says and Americans "REFUSE TO".


What is hidden in plain site

  • Scripture and law is what "they" demanded
  • The truth will be found to come from SPIRIT 
  • Interpretation always fails because it cannot see the smallest of points overlooked such as every jot and tittle
  • Because they demanded the law love is to be what covers a multitude of sins. Mutual Intention and love is the fulfillment of the law. Such as when you dream of "one" and that "one" is also dreaming of "you". Even a machine is dreaming of you.
  • Forgiveness is most important as MOST OFTEN the law and accusers who are blinded by hate do not know what they do. Those that love their presumptions and interpretations more than they love their enemy were SETUP by "he" who knew the true intentions of their hearts.
  • Because of the hate of SPIRIT men cannot learn to draw to them only those that would appreciate their dreams. Society makes the snake and the woman a law against the SPIRIT and Men.
  • Mutual Fulfillment is of the SPIRIT and cannot be obtained by a law.
  • Mutual fulfillment is like my sister who called and on the TV was the words "found my home" and she then told me she just bought a house. http://www.stephentree.com/home/
  • Watch the lives of the "right people" in society such as women and church, they do not intend mutually, therefore how will they succeed except through the power of money and manipulation.
  • The SPIRIT is contrary to the law and interpretation as they were given what they demanded
  • Also because of the hardness of the heart the law was necessary since they cannot be reached to the heart. Therefore, desolation is inevitable. What is life without TRUTH but dinosaurs eating and crapping on the earth.
  • So the Scripture is good if it leads to love and seeing the truth through SPIRIT which is one of  those small jots and tittles that the manipulators refuse to see.
  • Another Jot and Tittle is "You must keep all of the law"
  • The HUMILIATION of telling the truth related to the Name of Christ which is very much the truth about men and sex and humiliation as is hidden in the scripture.
  • Therefore, the scripture (without the SPIRIT) fulfills "I will send them a deluding influence so that they will believe a lie".
  • If you want the truth you must allow the SPIRIT to lead you into all truth.
  • Each of the instances of forgiveness such as the woman being stoned had to do with SEX and Jesus knowing that love and sex are what reaches to the heart, but could not say it outright as the message would have been destroyed as much of it was. Alluding to you must lose your way which is all about humility and true intention of heart.
Synchs with Space debris, Swarm Robots, and Chemical Engineers
In one day I met up with two Engineers one about Swarm Robots that wants me to give a class at the college and another Chemical Engineer and then both came on TV tonight. But these three subjects came up today also Netflix with Weird Wonders of the World.

Sanctuary tonight

Music Songs of Sanctuary
Name Meaning Adeimus
"Let us Approach" Draw Near
Take possession

Draw near to the SPIRIT
I will draw near to you

Had the image here in Sanctuary as going in to the inner room with YOU unveiled to each other, the poetry and meaning of our love making.

"Show Your love to ME"

I trust YOU with the love we shared

Wow! I see what you mean by that statement
A gift to all those the world hates, you know, like the men that lost their lives and the humiliation that accompanied. Reminds me of that post about "Real Treasure"
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
Don't run away from your broken heart, stay and get the gold out of it.

The GOLD (as in gold rush) in loosing your life to know the Spirit
That in knowing the SPIRIT, You are also known of the SPIRIT
Your Grandchildrens Grandchildren can also KNOW YOU/You. "intimately"

And to those that feel they are punished, let go of that feeling, let go and know in THIS MOMENT you are NEW! Allow your heart to break, sure as that is where the Gold IS, but DO NOT FEAR,
Know that YOU ARE VERY MUCH LOVED, even by whom you have misunderstood.
Don't be afraid of a broken heart, least of all your own, "the wailing of broken hearts is the doorway to God." (Rumi)

Oh, and bless those you hurt as well as that is what this moment was meant for. Why the SPIRIT planned it so long ago. Reaching so many to the heart.

War and longing for home 
YOU and I are at war on every level on this planet
and only leaving the struggle can end this war


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