Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You've Only Just Begun and You are HERE

This was a neat synch about the experience in Ft. Bragg at Eggheads and then at the Botanical Gardens. You will see that the synch that started about the Wizard of Oz about feeling lost and that You never really are as where You get lost to is where You are supposed to find the answer to that question. We then went to the Botanical Gardens and everywhere was that same synch even in the bookstore later... Yes, You are HERE^
Many things related in this Video to my experience including the "Alien" and "The Semiconductor"

First half of Videos related to the Botanical Gardens and Ft. Bragg

Second half of the Video related to the Botanical Gardens and Ft. Bragg

You've only Just begun
We were celebrating my Birthday and this was also the synch related to the song which I am
humming in the video

Tunnel to the Light
Within the Video is the Synch with the Sign of the Whale
Peek  a Boo Darling
About breaking your heart with those that reject the SPIRIT

Statue Named "Luna"
All the Flowers know who is their life
"Who are You looking at"

Many Synchs with St. Francis "Francisco"

The Alien and "this Moment" in the Video


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