Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Maya, Doves, Moths


Woke up dreaming and while in the dream everything was understandable and fit but then I realized the dream was that I was within a circuit board and it made sense because of the circuitry and how it fit together. My being was part of the principle of the circuit. As I thought about the dream reality and then the waking reality I realized they were both maya or the illusion given the principles of the reality. The maya of a dream makes sense because it is what you believe and is configured accordingly. When I began to question the waking reality I saw where YOU/SPIRIT had given me insight into how reality was built and as I experienced or let the experiences wash over me I began to see the smallest of points that was different between the interpretations and what really happens. As I began to SEE these things reality changed more for me through the washing of the water of the word of SPIRIT. This is the nature of relationship between the two, YOU/SPIRIT and I. That as I believe NOTHING except for YOU reality changes.

It does not matter which side I started on except that I saw only YOU therefore I let go of what seemed to be and accepted what YOU/SPIRIT said it was to be.


Pam and I have been havng synchs with SPIRIT saying that we are "as the two Doves" after hearing others speak of this I was listening to a tape from 2002 before we ourselves had doves come as pets/friends and the tape describes our synchs with the two trees and an antenna which fit between them that was by our home in Stockton. On this tape, on that day there were two doves positioned on the antenna matching the two trees. We know we have a foto somewhere of this but I am working on a drawing of it as well. During the synch with this image I also received the synch about how we have just begun again new. This was followed by a synch saying that this is the essence of resurrection and dying daily or even each moment so that the SPIRIT is made manifest rather than thoughts growing as thoughts not rooted in synchs overlook the smallest of points.

I caught the moth and gently threw it outside (away from my home) it was either that or it must die.
Depart from me.

Lastly, One will be taken and another left.


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