Sunday, August 26, 2018

The beginning of humiliation for GOP.

Forget Trump, he gets energy from attention so all those against the obvious corruption, that cannot be denied at this point, should focus their indignation at those helping to empower him like Foxnews and the Christian Right. By revealing what knowingly backing obvious corruption IS, will mean when it all come down. Instead of protesting Trump, masses need to protest those lying on his behalf and empowering him.  Make them feel the humiliation that does not phase their leader and liar in chief.  To come out at their places of business and protest them by revealing what they are doing will cause more change than protesting the beast himself. They need to feel the weight of responsibility they will bare when all this comes down and how they will have to pay the cost of the damage to American Families and all the separation that has grown on every level. The Church is that harlot that needs to see themselves as they really are. (Because they reject SPIRIT) The fact that all this was predicted and then the new prediction meant to say "The SPIRIT is Able" to change what was set in stone needs to be said before it is too late.


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