Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Pope, Pocahontas and greed, She is in trouble

My synchs yesterday were with the Pope and the Movie Pocahontas and both were about greed yesterday. When I heard it on the show Pam was watching I came out and wrote the notes about the synch.

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The Englishmen sing, "Here's what you get when races are diverse.  Their skin's a hellish red.  They're only good when dead."  The Indians sing this as they prepare for battle: "The paleface is a demon.  The only thing they feel at all is greed."  The English are portrayed as being motivated by prejudice and greed, but the Indians' fury is mitigated by a misunderstanding.

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Chinese Proverb
There are those that through Hate, greed and deceptive use of the law make what was joy and "mutual love" in one moment criminal at the opportune moment and tenderness at first mutual into an assault when it becomes profitable. First check intentions that they are love and not money. Because when You get rolled there will be nobody on Your side as all are hiding due to shame.

The next synch was "She was in trouble" but I had just written that she could not be reached. The synch was as I asked about her that she was in trouble, but that I felt she could not be reached. Waiting for SPIRIT on this. Like the story of Pocahontas who was baptized Rebecca and did not marry John Smith but John Rolfe but this did lead to the Peace of Pocahontas/Rebecca.

Originally from this post

We need to start somewhere with the peace between the two sides
YOU/I, Men/Women these are the greatest love, that will lead to the understanding between 
Dem/GOP, Islam/Christian, East/West 


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