Thursday, April 04, 2019

White Hearse

I am lost without YOU/SPIRIT, but that is how YOU find me.! And that is where I believed you would find me. I was reaching for the moon like Rumi, like the little girl in "House of Cards" reaching for the moon where she would find her father.

Today's synchs started with a funeral procession as I was walking the dog at the lake I heard the police siren making odd intervals and noticed the procession and the WHITE Hearse. While thinking about it driving Pam on another street I looked over to the left and there was the WHITE hearse. I then went to help a friend with their tv and he showed me a wood-stove in his outbuilding and then showed me a child's coffin. I then came home and on the tv Pam was going to watch Big Bang Theory and we saw the trailer for Gods of Egypt and the carrying of the child to the god of Gold to ask for healing. I am beginning to think it is that they worship the wrong thing and do not even believe in the SPIRIT.
Hearses in western culture are generally black because that is the color that symbolizes mourning. Some funeral homes use white hearses to symbolize a “new life,” but white and gray hearses are rare. ... The word 'hearse' began to be used in the 1640s as a designation for funeral transportation.

I looked it up and my past funeral synchs were from March 4th 2018

Sunday, March 04, 2018

March Forth, and Funeral synchs

March Forth (soldiers of the SPIRIT) Pun on March 4th
Something Haunting is Coming (On the TV right now)

Funerals are the synch today and this pic from this post (http://www.stephentree.com/bear/) seems to be related
And this pic
They looked like isolated cases: a hit-and-run and a celebrity murdered during a fling with a prostitute. No one could ever imagine they'd be linked to a brutal crime in the city's steamy past - and that the race against the clock to corner a determined serial killer would stir up secrets long thought buried with the dead. As Detectives Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial are called to investigate, they have no idea what they're stepping into.
Another synch on my bear page
 Another synch that started at Diner in Santa Cruz and then showed up at Rancho Del Oso was the synch with the twins and Gemini.

Pam and I had a funeral pass us with a 4X4 pulling the casket on a trailer today and then many other synchs with multiple funerals today.
This was in the bear synchs but may be related to any of the bear participants which are the manipulators in elections such as the Russians (Stalin is a synch today also) And the manipulators related to Trump and even other references to bears in the synchs.

We also watched "The Good Fight" Season 2 ep 1 and it was about the strange number of funerals.

'The Good Fight': Ominous New Season 2 Trailer Warns 'Death Is Everywhere'

The March Miracle where something good starts to happen

Important note: Murder on the orient express, Everyone aboard the train was guilty. (see meaning of train synchs)

The narrow path will go on, while the masses will take the wide path that will lead to desolation without SPIRIT.

Walking around the sanctuary with the altar in the middle and the fire burning in the stove.  Throwing that which has no place in my world into the fire, while keeping what/those I love on the table.

Just in case, I added this to this post and also the synch indicates multiple funerals. I also do not want anyone to perish but my intention is only to post what is being drawn to those fellow citizens I wish to reach about what is overlooked related to ideologies and SPIRIT.

So I began to think that maybe this Carl synch might be related to Trump and so I looked and found Carl Icahn and 

Before Trump Announced Tariffs, Icahn Sold Off Millions In Steel - NPR

Let us hope that this is not true!

With interpretations you are nothing, only living real experience with the Divine has any worth

Synch tomorrow with Rocket,,

The end of the trail

Oh and I believe Trump has messed up with Kim Jong Un and I feel something about this.



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