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Sign of the Whale, A little about my life

So the Whale Synch has begun to occur again which is related to
The Sign of the Whale
The Whale Breaching, Link2
The Bubblenet synch

When I was 17 I joined the Army and took the longest school I would find (Pershing Guidance system and Programmer Test Station). After basic training I went to COBET (Common Basic Electronics Training) at Ft. Jackson and made the top of the class. I went on to Huntsville Alabama and took an 8 wk course in advanced electronics. Then I went to the Pershing 36wk electronics training. I ended taking that portion twice because of an accident that happened. I then went to Germany and after seeing how things worked at Hardt Kaserne I decided to volunteer to run the electrical hut. I liked being alone when I was young, so I enjoyed working on the hut and the tools and I took it on as a project.  My father was an inventor and from knowing him I felt as though I was destined for something very different in my life. I enjoyed making the hut beautiful by sanding down the very pitted benches and restoring the whole place to where it was nice to be in there. One day the General walked in to check the place out. It was a very short visit but I knew he liked what he saw. The next day of all days I was almost late for formation and was tucking in my shirt when the fellows from the back of my platoon said they called my name and to get up there. When I got up there I found I was being commended on the job I did and promoted to E4 as well as given time off. I was very surprised and did not expect this at the time. It was just the way I was. About a month latter my platoon sergeant came to me and kidding said "I am going to show you that you are not special by sending you to the Battalion Leadership School". When I got there I noticed that I was the only one from Electronic Control and that all Launcher people were there. It popped into my head that if I apply myself through using flashcards I could do well. I ended up making Honor Graduate and just turning 18 they promoted me and made me an instructor. It turned out that if you made Honor Graduate you had the opportunity to join the Battalion Leadership School and travel all over Germany. I have a pic of the plaque I got and will go find it and post it here. So I ended up being the youngest Sergeant in my battalion. I ended up teaching back at Redstone Aersonal in Huntsville Alabama and will go on with the story about what was to become of me and how I grew to know the SPIRIT through my own experience with Christianity. I lost my old life but found a new life that was completely different and very wonder-ful.

After many years of synchs starting in 1979 I intended to allow whatever it was that I needed to learn from the SPIRIT in order to understand the True Intentions of the Heart of Jesus.

It was amazing how my experience with Christianity melded with my life for the first 5yrs and then the synchs I had been having since the first synchronicity.

Here is a quote about that experience I had from this document

Synchronicity was the beginning of my experience back in 1980. I used to study bible 6-8 hours a night and
prayed about baptism and the word inheritance one night and began to write a poem about how the poem I was writing was my deed to my inheritance.
( I did not know what I was writing) the next day I hopped in my truck on the way to work and when I turned the radio on the first word out of the
radio was the word inheritance. The man wenton to say on the radio that a man died and so a young man received a deed for a piece of land and the man called up his lawyer and asked,“how do I know this land really exists, all I have is this paper” The lawyer said, “do you see the seal on that piece of paper” to which theyoung man replied “yes” ,,, The lawyer then said “that seal tells you that that land exists. That began the synchronicities that because of being
labeled a fool I had to keep quiet about for 20 years. At first I had many experiences with the word inheritance. Then the synchronicities began to speak of the 12 tribes of the Isrealites and then the 12 tribes of the American Indians. Of the Zodiac, of the twelve months, twelve tones and twelve hours. And of whole systems and systems theory. Then the synchronicity with the word
syn·er·gy   Pronunciation Key  (snr-j)
n. pl. syn·er·gies
  1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.
  1. Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect.
I was watching Gem and the Holograms with my daughter when they said the word synergy, I hadnever heard that word and 5 min. later I walked out to my mail box and my fathers patent on the synergistic technology (he was inventor ofthe year for the state of Florida for four years running in the 80’s)was in the mailbox. I then put my daughter in the car and drove toMemphis from Huntsville Al. On the way I passed a big bottle of Gas that had the words Synergy Gas Co. on the side. Upon arriving in Memphis I began to walk in a bookstore in the mall and there on sale outside the bookstore for 50 percent off was “synergistics,, the geometry of thinking by Buckminster Fuller” These syncs led me into a very lonely place where the friend spoken of by the Poet Rumi was really all I had. But the wonder was amazing, and the experiences something very few could believe when I told them of them.

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