Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Murder and Politics, Tsunami Synchs

This post was written in March of 2019 and speaks to the subject of murder for a political reason. Of course even if the person was an enemy the "True intentions of the heart" are what implicate those that intend to allow this without question. I don't care what excuses lying manipulators use it is an easy thing for the SPIRIT to reveal what really happened and the purpose of this time and "Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating you and I on this planet and leave those hiding (their true intent) behind a veil of interpretation (otherwise known as a lie) with NOWHERE LEFT TO HIDE."


Cohen, Trump, assassination, Will Trump try to Fix the Fixer
I thought about how knowing what I know about the synchs and who Trump really is that he would very much do such as kill someone if it got in the way of his narcissistic intent. When Cohen said that Trump said that he could stand in the middle of 5th Ave and shoot someone he was serious and Cohen is also talking about himself especially if something happens to him and the synch is that Trump is also thinking of doing this to stop this loud mouth. The synch is that he would do such a thing because he does not believe in SPIRIT, but believes in money and power and lies.  Loyalty over truth is now the norm in the party. Nobody needs to kill anyone if they trust SPIRIT, just give your pain and hurt and anger to SPIRIT and be very patient. True Love is better than a bullet! If you were to grow with SPIRIT you do not need to defend yourself against such as you know the SPIRIT knows who is really the manipulating beast and who does not believe in SPIRIT such as most who say Jesus, Jesus would never believe it was the SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus and not the man. All of religion sees him according to the flesh because they never really knew him.

The Stroke synch evolved to People in the 50's

My synchs today are
juvenile court,

So whatever Agency just read 416 posts from my blog in the United States did not get this one yet.

Wrote this last night about man (kind) and each person was there in Adam at the time.

I walked with You in the garden

Why have you hidden yourself from me   (shame AND blame)

The letter without the SPIRIT is death as the enemy ALWAYS comes in and sows tares the old testament was to be seen as full of holes because it was so convoluted by tares is what Jesus intended therefore he started over new. Keep the old but know this. So it is now with the what we have been given 2000yrs ago much was covered up in the book burnings such as 150ad to 350ad. When the canon was made it became a lie and without SPIRIT you are following a manipulation and contortion of words to take away the original meaning of SPIRIT.

The reason she was created was because you would choose to be alone
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Synch with the word "Kindle" and Jesus

Tsunami Synch
I have been posting about the Tsunami as a Monster that will reach you to the heart.  And the synchs with "As my wave passes over, You will be Swept into Wonder." In the last few days I have had three more synchs with this and one in particular spoke directly about such as the MONSTER:


Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable way

Synchs with Monster (Love can be a monster) If your family/planet is in a house that is targeted and in danger but they did not know it and what you do to save them seems like a devastating thing for those that were attacking and cannot be understood my those that "father forgive them they do not know what they are doing????,,,, would you do it?


I listened to the indigenous  story of an monster yesterday which  lives in Lituya Bay, Alaska.

The Tlingit people had a legend about Lituya Bay, one describing a monster who lived near the entrance of the bay, provoking enormous waves by grasping the water and shaking it like a sheet.

When my wave Passes over you, you will be swept into wonder 


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