Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Scarlet, Tools, Locusts,

Scarlet Brought to her Knees

Looks like this Summer will be a wild ride in this country. Things will be really moving fast this summer and manipulators will not be able to cope.

I want you to see the Manipulators and Liars for money as related to Scarlet and lust. Passion is a teacher but Lust for Money through manipulation and lies is devouring the earth and those conspiring for money "without SPIRIT's guidance" are now Scarlet in my synchs and will be labeled as Scarlet was and as revelations reveals the harlot to be.  The technology that was and then was destroyed and now is again is. Many Tools that will be going away, such as the weapons. But also I want you to understand the poetry of life forms on this planet. There is the poetry of the great manipulator that twisted and lied to manipulate the woman and she also wanted to believe a lie. What it was said of the snake who lost his legs because of such manipulation and lies. He was very cunning wasn't he? My synch this morning was with my family and locusts as what came to me after they posted this picture in our family message group was

To which the synch I had the day before about locusts I wrote

The snake lost his legs for manipulating the truth, shall all humans become locusts for devouring the planet?

Anyway, everyone's heart will be reached by what is going to happen but those conspiring to devour the tree/earth for profit will be utterly destroyed. Like the con man such manipulators are using the angry and dumb sister/base to get what they want. There is a place for everyone as such as these consciousness will enter into a swarm of locusts. This is to include the accusers whom conspired for money as they do not know whom the SPIRIT leads into temptation EXCEPT TO DELIVER THEM FROM SUCH EVIL. She will be Scarlet!

All beings can swarm and can turn into an angry riot. And when this happens there will be nothing left.

Scarlet Synchs
http://www.stephentree.com/prophvat/two.htm 09/19/11

Tools Synchs

Link to Synchs
It was planed for those following interpretation to follow a lie.
If you go to dnatree.blogspot.com and use the search window and search for any word to find synchs over the years. Like presumption, storms, whale breaching etc.

The prediction of the Rocket sync this weak and Mad Mike and also the rocket synch is about how things will take off very fast this summer.

Synchs with this date
For the heat is to be turned up and as it is written of the resurrection, Your right hand will tell on You. 
The coming fire, so hot It will melt the veil separating YOU/You and I on this planet And leave those HIDING…. With nowhere left to hide. 


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