Thursday, February 13, 2020

Seatbelt and Accident , Rocket, must want Trump to misuse power, ok?

So you want Trump to slaughter those on the left? Edit to add, well the SPIRIT says I can do anything I want to but I want to do what the SPIRIT says fulfills the original intent.

So you love your interpretation more than you love each other? Has what I have offered for 30yrs not reached you, and now that you see in your own power you will get nowhere with him and you must allow the SPIRIT. Soon there will be nothing you can do but give into a lie or leave the struggle altogether. Hearts will Break!

Oh, well 30yrs and everyone rejects the SPIRIT and have chosen death. OK you have chosen death. It was going to be the self right on the right only in order to reach you but you would not be reached. I don't like the lying manipulating sort either but the SPIRIT knows how to use them to reach you to the heart with PERFECT LOVE which you will see is better than a bullet!

Yea, I am not happy that I cannot reach you!

Without LOVE as the SPIRIT teaches you will only destroy yourselves. Is anyone ready for True Intention of Heart or should we just let these manipulating demons teach you to the heart the smallest of points overlooked? Words will not reach You, therefore.....

This is exactly what I experienced in order to get me out of my own power and so that I would go and grow with True Intent with SPIRIT. Now time is so short that you better be loved by someone who you have rejected because it is time to reap with the sickle, those veiled by interpretation such as from a book who never sought the SPIRIT are as the eldest sister who did not know what she was doing and was used by the con man to slaughter the real sheep.

Seat belt synch happened or one that is blocking SPIRIT, twice today related and accident synchs in high profile. T-Bone car also.

Rocket synch there seems to be a problem with some entity getting their rocket to fly right, and there is a lot of anger behind it. Kind of like when you try to do something when you are angry and you just end up throwing tools. Had several synchs about this including this one.

They never knew he had a heart until they found the box. Happy Birthday Braxton!


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