Saturday, May 09, 2020

Trump, Debts, Plan B,

Trump's lies which his base like because they seem to work but they are getting so much more dangerous which their interpretation is leading to desolation without the SPIRIT.

I am concerned with the way Donald Trump cancels debts in that he like my naive experience with  a girl that led to being used (below) I see all too often a pattern of getting rid of debts by not paying them or starting a fight that is more costly for the one owed.

I also see that many countries now are less favorable of America China, Iran, North Korea, Russia  because of fights started with the promise to resolve something but then invariably they lead to greater conflict especially when the unexpected happens(reason for unexpected) and those paying in lives, jobs, etc do not benefit as much from the debt resolutions as the rich. When I asked the SPIRIT for a smart person the right would follow (who do not know the SPIRIT) so that they can see what they overlooked it led to him using his smarts to make them believe anything like Dutch the Grifter and my own family experience used the town people or like a woman might use other women's beliefs to strangle a man. But it was my intention that that come to an end so that the result was those who misunderstood the SPIRIT might have another chance to learn as Christ learned and not from an interpretation such as the Pharisees. The base wants conflict as this has been put in their heart to lead them to desolation.

When I was a young man and lonely and naive I had occasion to see a young girl to perchance spend the moment with her. The young woman would flirt back and this led to us walking on a peer in a place like Coney Island until she got me to buy her something and then when I had done so she no longer wanted to share and talk but started to find something wrong with me so she could have an excuse to leave. After a couple times of this happening you realize you don't see women the way they see you. The lack of experience led to getting used so many times that I found it better to just be alone, but the promise of perhaps finding something to fill that emptiness causes such a young man to experience many things like Jacob's ladder dream. And being young and passionate he would eventually lead to a disturbing heart circumcision being led by that passion. But anyway I am at this moment concerned with the technique of extracting a prize from him and then leaving him without even a person to share with let alone escalate to biblically knowing her.

I need to let go of my pet peeve and anger toward lying manipulators and love them through the SPIRIT and let their own beliefs  draw to them their teacher/punishment to be whole themselves. I was so angry at them because their lust for money and control causes them to look at a passionate man and use his weakness against him and judge him in order to feel good about what they are doing. They use the passion of Samson against him when they never knew the true intentions of the heart and judged him while their lust was the very energy that was in reality damaging and raping the earth. Therefore, I was blinded by love and led up between these two pillars, but I do not want to destroy civilization, but rather only reach you to the heart!!!!!! As all who feel righteous in their interpretation are actually such as wear "filthy rags" while judging others themselves. Because they never experienced the cross and the pain of loving that person that betrays them. And never arrived at the blood (experience) and water (understanding) that comes from that experience as life on earth cannot exist without this knowing. If I do not let the SPIRIT judge but believe I who am not perfect can judge we end up destroying the world. But we love the world, so we have to not judge by the letter of the interpretations but ascend to the knowledge that is not in the oldness of the scripture interpretation but in the newness of the SPIRIT creating synergy between YOU and I.

Important Synch
Yesterday I experienced two scenes where a Chinese woman was carrying her baby in the movie netflix Hollywood and the baby was dead and in the movie Air Strike the other almost died with her baby and several others did die. We need to work with them to resolve these problems before Trump's lust for "something" creates such devastation that cannot be mended. Again in the movie Air Strike was the synch with "Plan B" DO NOT LET THIS ESCALATE FURTHER, DO YOU HEAR ME?

Our 6brain66 is as Filthy Rags before him it is said of our own righteousness or when such as who follow interpretation say they are trying to be good that is the trap, you were supposed to find out you cannot do it in your own strength and only the 7SPIRIT77 is able to do these things through you. So the true follower of the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus is he who lays his life down to the SPIRIT and follows only that rather than an interpretation making all who interpret as humans do to be the robber and thief that climbs in some other way than the door which is the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus saying "I am the door" and "I am the way, the truth and the life". All who interpret are wrong until they have followed Jesus to the cross. We must humiliate those holding up an interpretation as that interpretation is DESIGNED TO LEAD TO DESOLATION and what with greed which will tell you any lie or use that interpretation in any way such as the snake in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you cannot figure it out you must surrender to the SPIRIT which leads to seeing all things different.

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Leadership just needs to admit they don't know everything and needs help from the SPIRIT as the SPIRIT has blinded the right to follow their abomination of interpretation to desolation. It is just an interpretation but thanks be to the SPIRIT which is the Smallest of Points Overlooked that nullifies that and reveals redemption. Trump will not bow to even God and you know it!


Nytimes and the Sick White House synch


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