Friday, May 08, 2020

Hollywood Script America Hoodwinked You do know your sold out

If it is all a lie, why should we let it exist anymore?
As he stuffs his butter into his muffin
Just like the Con Man that took my family, nobody believes so......

Trump Justice Dept.
"Make that" Micheal Flynn "evidence disappears" then Barr control false narrative to hoodwink America call it justice. It is so easy WHEN YOU THINK YOU OWN THE LAW/ULTIMATE AUTHORITY. and own the tax payers you can steer the narrative any way you want to. Well if the SPIRIT was not real anyway. Trump and Barr ARE THE DIRTY COPS! And let "his right hand" (what his lies say about others" be unto him.) Those that love punishment draw their own punishment.When you really need it the most is when rock and roll dreams come true"
Oh, well "Trump/Judas what you must do, do it quickly"

Miracle Grow, Fast Pace,

Trump Stock Market and narrative up nobody can beat his lies, then Trump "Ultimate Authority" lifting himself up above the SPIRIT the immediately "unexpected" happens because it is a lie. You cannot see what life is saying so you invite what is coming. Forget Murder Hornets, and the news meant to distract, the real story is in plain sight. We need another surprise/unexpected event MY LIFE! (Do you know how many years the "Orange Event" has been predicted. But now they own "justice" so the only hope is SPIRIT.

Because of the "scientific data" present in the "Tree of Synchs" Trump is now a liability to all investors and that will only get worse. The SPIRIT is upon you to steal what was stolen back and give it to the "true servants" as Trump and leaders now cursed.

Screen Writer Hollywood fantasies forget the MASQUERADE of politics to gain public support for a lie. When I thought I lost the dream "YOU made it fresh and made it "right".

Scene 9 (My Scene) SPIRIT wrote the script Trump, there is a reason you were allowed to use your office in a manner it was not intended and they could not do anything about it. Real POWER is a very gentle and simple thing as the SPIRIT is the "UNEXPECTED"

I come as a thief in the night at a moment you do not expect it

Public Servants are ever more the criminals (sept 2007),,,, SPIRIT wrote the narrative and you are actually caught in a net. Watch as the Whale begins to breach again.


The huge story the next few years about the synchs and where they are heading

As I have said
I don't know what I am doing
But the SPIRIT does
I dreamed the whole thing and know YOU ARE ABLE!

I am out here writing the story that will change the earth

Various Hot Genetics

The HOAX that is calling the Russian Interference/attacks a HOAX 
All the synchs with Russian interference over the years (Starting with Bear Encounter) and the HOAX  America is being fed and even wants to "believe a lie"

Exactly as the Election and Family Con revealed (Jan 2017) where the whole town wanted to believe his "bare faced lie

Jesus and the "bare faced liar" prediction and how the whole world will believe this lie.

Hoodwinking the whole Country and world. Feels like new Trump False Narrative being PUSHED on us all.

Putin Trump Talk,,, New Unexpected needed? MY LIFE

So it is all a bare faced lie and nobody cares. I mean if Hollywood cooperated with SPIRIT (like this intent) then we could reveal hoax in real time like a series following the "Tree of Synchs" 

SPIRIT is the last hope but would you rather Trump/Judas sell out to Russia?

2020 Year America Hoodwinked and Nobody cares

The Hollywood Script the"Tree of Synchs" since 1993 and the plan by the SPIRIT
Stephentree.com and Dnatree.blogspot.com

since 2006
Orange is Coming, Leaders lead astray, GOP Humiliation
Epic and the Tomorrow

Now Greed and the coming deaths not just coronavirus either. Nobody cares, the whole story has been out there and growing since 2001 on my blog and they would rather die, So Be IT!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

"Troubled Water" The Authority of the Son

I give to the SPIRIT all the power, therefore, the SPIRIT will lift me up!
Trump is all the praise to himself, therefore the SPIRIT will take him and all under his hat down.

So we will wait for the SPIRIT as the world inches closer to desolation

The prediction of Using Law and the Office of the President in a manner not intended by the Constitution.

The Prediction of barefaced lying to public officials

So what this has been known since 1993 and posted starting in 2001 nobody cares they are already dead


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