Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Speed and Finality

This is a prediction I don't know how it will be done by the SPIRIT but I know that it WILL BE DONE and it needs to be done.

For the Lord will carry out his sentence on earth with speed and finality
"As it is finished"
So  the synch started with this post that is related to this time in reality (post from May 11th 2019) and therefore I am having things happening related to this growing seed. I had posted it earlier today called synchs with this date. Also the post about Trump's Ego causing him to draw getting Blindsided again. This is how it is done from now on as the tables have turned. This is all part of a growing tree that started as a seed for me but is also a dream from those who went before us. It was my great passion to find the smallest of points overlooked, after seeing that "YOU ARE ABLE"  to keep all flesh from being destroyed as all who interpret the book believe. So lose your beliefs and let the SPIRIT be the interpretation rather than die at the hands of some ego maniac using an abomination of interpretation causing desolation for this is where the interpretation of the letter is leading.

And I do not speak of such things except the SPIRIT speaks through my experience.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The final step to reach America

The final step  to reach America
and in particular
Following synchronicity means that SPIRIT sanctifies things and makes them right such as the synch with the horoscope today from Metrozone. If the SPIRIT makes it right no matter how much your interpretation misunderstands it is right for that moment.
Many classic film characters saved the day by not doing something 'by the book.' Their methods may have been seen as dubious or questionable by others, but they worked. We rooted for them, even if we thought there was more madness than method in their approach. Adopting a maverick or unorthodox approach in your world might be met with disapproval initially. However, others will accept your results speak for themselves, even if your actions raise a few eyebrows.
Now this theme seemed to follow several events today but I want to pick out one in particular.
Trump is boorish and uses the law in a manner it is not intended and that sounds about how he will have such done in like manner to him. Mostly because of this synch I had tonight. He could hide under a manhole cover but nobody can escape the SPIRIT when his wrath is dispatched.
After being drawn to that post this morning then this evening one of the shows Pam wanted to watch was the Art of Self Defense and in that movie not surprisingly was the same theme and it brought great joy to know the SPIRIT is going to repay those these have offended in like manner to which they themselves offend the least of them.

So this was the show but we certainly don't want this to happen to anyone that would not do it to others so I am sure the SPIRIT knows what is the right thing to be done. But if he has done such to anyone and hidden it then I imagine reality will reveal what is needed and the person giving his pain to the SPIRIT does not need to do anything or hurt an insect as a Buddhist would teach. The SPIRIT will not do anything that is not perfect love. And the SPIRIT WILL ONLY REPAY according to their deeds. So he misuses the law let us STAND BACK AND WATCH what the SPIRIT has to show us. So the synch seems to say that he has acted outside the law and other synchs that he has lifted himself up as the "ultimate authority" so we shall see how the SPIRIT communicates. I mean if an official was a criminal, or worse has killed someone and hid the body even his base would want to know that. And with the SPIRIT it would be impossible to hide.

Believe me when I tell you Perfect Love is better than a bullet as we love all our citizens even our enemies that have offended others.

For the end of anyone using the law in a manner it is not intended is at hand

I don't know how it will be done but it will be. And I really don't care what Trump thinks as a manipulator cannot help themselves except to lie and manipulate and cannot be believed. They can get by like that for a little while but when the whale begins breaching they won't feel comfortable in their own skin much longer. Now I cannot judge him but what will happen will be perfect rather than me presuming I have given all my pain and anger to the SPIRIT through such an experience as the cross where the power of Christ is made perfect through weakness.

Other things on my mind today
I have very little but I am amazed at my luck with how the SPIRIT provided and caused me to move here from California and build this shack and how comfortable we are and all that has come to create this reality in the last few years and how it was originally dreamed.

The Afflicted

Synchs with this date


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