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These Wild Hearts can't be Broken, Microbes, Respect

One of the most vivid experiences came together last night revealing how the least of them on this planet other than humans will teach these manipulating money grubbing liars

Respect for the very least on this planet

Those that think they are in charge and every hidden intention you have is for a purpose. Some to build up and some to destroy as both aspects are very useful. The earth knows what you are doing and that is why you have a criminal running things now because what is about to happen we needed to reach you to the heart. In the last post about science and the virus which was predicted as well as the vaccination problem, the synch alluded to the fact that viruses and vaccines are getting to a point where they will not work. In fact the opponent has been so challenged by the antivirus's that they are now becoming unstoppable. They knew that but they kept kicking the can down the road believing we can take care of that in the future somehow. Well the future may have other plans for them now. Because I am getting this feeling about what is going on now and how this is going to play out. To put it the way the synchs have spoken.

Oh, the vaccinations go ahead and try something about this. Even if something seems to work, or if they say this will work there is a change and a Call of the Wild and I don't think your going to beat them the way you are headed. In fact you will only find you make it worse. But there is a way, and it is the same way you befriend a wolf or a dog but with more respect. 

The new movie Call of the Wild tells a story of a wild heart in the form of a dog that once shown love and respect will cooperate with you toward a mutual intent. 

You may not be aware of the damage those blinded by money have already done to the earth but your going to hear about it from all the wild hearts now. Not only animals and bugs but wild hearted men not so long ago found they had NOWHERE TO LAY THEIR HEADS as they had to be domesticated or be slaughtered and Jesus alluded to this and so does the story of being thrown out of the garden. He also made a way for circumcised and uncircumcised of heart to coexist. But without learning now from your wild heart the tables have turned and without at least love and respect for what you did not understand I don't think your going to be able to go on much further. Those that are unreachable will probably go down fighting but this was planned a long time before me. This is an attempt to save lives because you are very much loved. Like Pam, she does not understand me, but she has come to know that what is at work in my life is to be trusted even if you do not understand it as both of us would have been dead by now if we had not trusted the SPIRIT.

So the wake-up call has gone out and those that follow the book "interpretation" but never actually experienced the cross and learned from their broken hearts are actually stumbling right now on their way to that experience. That was my path and I do recommend it as the ultimate experience but not according to the letter or the interpretations but what could not be said or would not be accepted is what you learn from the blood and water of being reached to the heart. Yes, your story will be completely different but if it is of the SPIRIT it will meld like a hand and a glove with all creation. Even those family completely seemingly opposite but having love and respect for each other will find they are all on the same path. Like the circumcised and the uncircumcised (of heart) in the new testament. But those scriptures also allude to those not even knowing the gospel which through their own hearts have been reached and in their own way know the SPIRIT.

Like the crucifixion of Jesus the earth has been very much harmed and has suffered at the hands of man and FATHER forgive them, for they do not know what you do. The earth is even now headed to the edge of death, but has chosen this in order to reach you to the heart. People when they respond to the SPIRIT and not just hear it or read about it but respect it will tend to realize that they have overlooked something and therefore let go of the inclination to believe they are right because they read a book or follow an ideology that makes others believe they are already "right in their own self rightness". But those USING them for their own means want them to believe the fairy tale and not actually seek the SPIRIT with all their strength and all their heart. They will tell you that saying I believe the blood when they have not experienced it but only read about it makes them one of theirs and the idea is to fight for man Jesus while not telling them it was the SPIRIT speaking through him that "he would return again" and that "I am the way, the truth and the life". This was common knowledge to the indigenous though they did not seem to know the name Jesus they knew the name or attributes of the SPIRIT which was the net set for those that would "interpret" without the SPIRIT. 

Hey, it is a "passion play" that nature itself is playing it's part in right now and your job is to respect what you don't understand and "watch" the passion play unfold. Of course you will misunderstand especially if you have only an idea and not been reached to an ever deeper knowing as no one alive is complete. The problem lies in that Jesus said you must be willing to die... well that is too deep for this blog right now. 

But I am betting from my own experience that once you surrender all things like technology etc that a lot of it will be given back to those with true intent while those blinded by greed who will never seek the SPIRIT with all their being will not remain. The idea of the veiled one being the bride/virgin who has not experienced death/desolation of heart that if she loves him she may not understand him but will come to trust him/SPIRIT through those we have overlooked.

The prediction of the end of the presumptuous woman being humans both men and women was on May 21st 2011 which at "Death Valley" I got the prediction related to my father's death date being the only storm and "of course" this was misunderstood and a lot of presumption was displayed on the forums but it was exactly for that presumption that the storm was intended. Oh, did I tell you there is a storm coming of sorts. Well there is, sort of like Katrina and Irene rolled into one having to do with the SPIRIT and YOU and I collide. 

The End of the presumptuous woman

You don't humiliate a child because it does not understand, but those believing they are not Children of God but rather they know better and are the "leader" LOL, will find out there are to be only servants on this planet and some the hard way probably according to how much they love their interpretations of greed and power more than they love and respect life. 

Well, I wanted an adventure and I thought I was tired and stumbling having once again been lifted out of my complacency by the SPIRIT I feel very refreshed and ready for the adventure/wild ride. I am here to say the owner of the vineyard/SPIRIT has returned and let all flesh be reached to the heart.

For some who remain veiled yet respect the SPIRIT you have heard it said "there is no greater love than you lay down your lives for another" and I am seeing that that new life may be giving your all to those that remain so that "all may experience fulfillment."

There is something you may not know and that is the whole world of humans has already been "thrown into the fire" which manifests first as the coronavirus. This is the fire so hot, it will melt that veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind an ideology or veil hiding greed or manipulation with "nowhere left to hide". This was the intention and to buck this will end your having your VEIL of your flesh LIFTED I am pretty sure. It really has been this way all along but in wilder times before we civilized nature (that makes me laugh) we either adapted or died. It really has not changed it is just we are evolving. We don't worship a man or a creature or even the earth but ONLY THE SPIRIT that joins all things as one. They will intentionally misunderstand.

While I was having such vivid synchs last night I was listening to the music which was in perfect synch with the moment of course and this one song I had heard but not had such a moment with the lyrics. 

Loved this song in the moment last night and I am also thinking about the match being a "stick" just an ordinary stick. But the tiny amount of something on the end of that stick is perfect love. For those without true intention of heart it will be as Sulfur, but for those IN LOVE it will be an explosion of passion and a fire that WILL NOT BE PUT OUT.
Thank You MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

To the intended bride which the SPIRIT will reach to the heart

Wild Hearts can't be broken
Was love the pain that started all this
Was it the cause that drew her first kiss 
Or was it the reason I wanted her so
My blood runs hot, but she already knows
This is my passion play
Wild Hearts can't be broken

The preacher and president/lawyer have taken my bride (snake interpretation knowledge shame blame manipulation instead of SPIRIT)
and by their view she's made to abide
IS THIS THE REASON THAT I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's love across time get ready for the ride!!!!!
This is my passion play!!!
Wild Hearts can't be broken.

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