Thursday, September 03, 2020

The Leader is a Spider

Presidents and Spiders and leaders that set traps
This is the biggest aspect of the Con's that led to needing the SPIRIT as they have spent their lives learning how to manipulate weaknesses and I think that such a person as President will lead to humans rejecting leaders all together as LEADERS ALWAY LEAD ASTRAY even if you think they are are good leaders. Because you do not know the true intentions of your own heart and you have rejected the SPIRIT by believing you are able to do it yourself.
The number of spiders and webs today was off the charts and also on youtube each program was also related to spiders so I would look out for Leaders and liars setting traps in order to manipulate.

Here is the video reflecting my day with respect to spiders and I want you to look at how the con man directed the attention away from the horror of public servants being the criminals such as police to making it those offended by public servants as the problem. Even someone that murders a liberal now is being praised and this is leading to a lie that will cause such death and desolation if the SPIRIT does not intervene. But each person by their presumption has chosen this.

This president does not care about truth but will use his office to murder if it profits him. Let the SPIRIT catch him and let him fall into his own traps.

Trump does not believe in truth or that he is the servant of all Americans, only what leads to his intention,,, but that is being used by the SPIRIT toward other ends and is allowed because you would reject the SPIRIT therefore you have no help from the SPIRIT.

But the SPIRIT has will catch him in his own trap with his own words


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