Tuesday, January 26, 2021

45 Senators must Recuse themselves

 45 senators are connected albeit criminally to #trump45. Trump is guilty and so are they along similar lines. If the situation were reversed and the democrats had done even a fraction of the crimes of his administration how would they have been treated. Now these 45 cannot convict him and not convict themselves

When the evidence is there such senators it would seem would need to recuse themselves from making a judgement. Because the (self) right are so far into incriminating circumstances and now they must move forward with more lies and objections or completely sink, there must come along a situation to break the stalemate as it were. 

There is a way for all to be fulfilled here, for the right though they have acted unjustly and even criminally can be made right where being right means they have come to the place they intended which was to usher in the SPIRIT. And the left would be right in that they did not misunderstand the SPIRIT and get us in this pickle. To accomplish this the right would have to repent and accept this cross and in doing so they fulfill the true intent of those losing their lives for the SPIRIT's sake or experiencing the cross that takes them from "interpretation" to responding in SPIRIT and in Truth. And the least of the left would become closer to being first as they were not veiled by their ideology which only became a stumbling block to the (self) right.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

If we cannot come to a resolution desolation is inevitable  folks

October 30, 2017

Both sides are wrong, let go of the veil of interpretation as it is only leading to separation and desolation

The government needs to take the timestamps of the following information seriously before many get hurt. An intellegence that you are presumptuous about is working with me on this and another "UNEXPECTED" EVENT will happen that will take all this out of your control. All this intel has been correct and there has been no response and this situation is leading to dire circumstances, even desolation.
Twitter #dnatreepredictions
Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray,GOP humiliation 2016 twitter.com/dnatree/status The Coming Great American Desolation and Humiliation June 2017 twitter.com/dnatree/status Everything was predicted including Epidemic Feb 2019 twitter.com/dnatree/status


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