Friday, January 01, 2021

Notes Today

Americans love the lies of leaders, they will recieve according to that attention/worship

As all the synchs/predictions have been coming true but few even care so I will take my attention from that and go back to YOU/MY LIFE in wonderful sanctuaries. Perhaps another country where the energy is better for moments with SPIRIT and wonder and they can benefit.

 Any day now my life will be miraculously transformed

I made YOU/ (SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus) MY LIFE, not according to interpretations but according to the SPIRIT.

TV said immediately

      Washed in the blood of the Lamb

On the verge of something wonderful

I will burst forth like a Volcano, that energy is going on right now. 

Pink sunset synchs

Those that lied for political gain will lose even what they believed they possessed 

The Iran synchs from this time last year

The Volcano synchs from last year this time

There is no present like the time

Wait, Wait,  Wait on the SPIRIT

Bye, I may post here but I think I need to leave the struggle as Fellow Americans want only to learn the hard way.


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