Monday, January 04, 2021

Walking Alone in the Meadow

 I needed to walk and asked several if they wanted to go with me but everyone was busy, but I realized I needed to be alone and have synchs walking again.


When I am drawn to another person it's saying  hello to myself in another body

Intention to meet people with a tree growing from Spirit

Right after posting that my brother messaged "no thanks" about walking at the meadow with me but all I saw was "thanks" so I got excited because of writing the line about the growing tree to believe that perhaps it was him with the tree growing. But then when I saw it was "no thanks" I realized I was really needing time alone again.
I also thought about what Jesus said about when they're invited to the marriage Feast they say no and that they have other things they need to do.

What seems to be how the synchs work in my reality especially with others is when someone is drawn into my moment and they believe something the SPIRIT is doing in their lives and it synergizes with what my moment is about and that's love though they may be at another point in their path but life synergizes our moment together like all things working together for good for those that love the SPIRIT that is life. That was what Jesus also meant by his related words. (My sister sent something about famine and I had posted my Jan 1 synch from 2019, so we synergized in our moment together)

The more I walked I picked up on my moments the more beautiful my surroundings began to become

I thought about the world that is coming and I will meet you there as this world is ending as we knew it In the next world you and I Learn from our moments
The interpretations that will cause distress soon were just that, "interpretations" and not the truth from the SPIRIT... such as revelation, when those that followed an ideology get distressed because of their fear of their own interpretations they can learn from the SPIRIT the smallest of points they overlooked which is redemption by the SPIRIT.

I came upon something in the path It reminded me that I had been looking for to show Pam 

I had told Pam about one plant along the path that was different than all the other plants and how special it was. When I saw this in my path I realized it was the one I had looked for a few times walking there and could not find it as there was ONLY ONE on this path. So I stood there and looked in a circle around it and found the plant I had found the first time on the path that I wanted to share with her. It had dried out but it was still there. It was the only one and I felt it's SEED was precious.

Later when I showed it to her she thought it was cotton,, but as I walked ont he path it began to speak to me about the seed and the one that I had sought to know through the SPIRIT which spoke through Jesus.

What's I came to understand about the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus I knew it was not Jesus who said to me "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." I realized it was intended to be the SPIRIT that spoke through him that was speaking. In this way I came to know Jesus and the true intentions of the heart of the SPIRIT that spoke through him.

 I walked this path alone  for so long, happy once again, for it has been 40 yrs. Walking further I found many new and fresh things that I had not seen before such as this.

Today's poppies or in what new fresh form you came

I really enjoy meeting with the SPIRIT and sometimes it is a person that I synergize with in the moment where what they are experiencing and what I am synchronize in a moment and this is love when the SPIRIT  brings You and I together in a perfect moment. Though you may be experiencing something else or even experiencing the SPIRIT through native peoples myths or Buddha or Rumi,, I have found that the SPIRIT is all and in all and it is the "interpretation" that is the veil separating YOU and I on the planet and that if we are led by the SPIRIT we synergize in love,,, but if we are led by ideology we grow astray by design until we experience such as the cross where our ideology leads us to a place where we in distress say "why have you forsaken me" as blood and water from from within us we reciveve the answer and realize YOU/MY LIFE are all and in all.

So if your ideology has led you to an impassable way,,, know that it is the SPIRIT that is to lead past this point and if with true intention of heart you learn from the SPIRIT you will go on past what seems like the end of your world.

I often say that I have left the struggle between YOU and I and this is where I have gone


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