Tuesday, May 02, 2023

What is worse than believing it is a PERFECT CALL, it takes a lie.... E. Jean Carrol

 E.Jean Carrol and the one that really gets him is a simple liar like him. Now that would break his heart.

Let's say a woman tells Trump to rape her in that moment of passion more or less does it and he thinks it's all fun and games at the moment only to find out that the one that actually pops his balloon is the only case where he is innocent but since you cheated every other time let's just say it's life nailing you the way you would wand and you are reached to the heart because you think it's not fair what you did to every other person the other times and life said you think you are INNOCENT, lol.

Every person feels this way when they get ate/despitefully used and overlooks all the times they DID NOT get exposed and every person is a liar w/o the SPIRIT. How will you cover your nakedness w/o reaching to know the SPIRIT and letting go of that presumption you are hiding behind. This can be said of every person but especially Fox News all politicians especially the GOP. This passion play is desigened to reach the world to the heart about shame and blame, and the truth about who is Lol (Innocent) LOL

When you believe it was a perfect call it usually turns out that way with passion and intention, but like E. JEAN Carrol even if she told him "come on rape me" she can still stand up in court and focus on the fact that he indeed "did it" and show her power, but he could not say the truth because......... and the dots keep going!

The best way to break a man's heart is for the one thing that gets him that he actually was not guilty of as she believes as she USES HIM to show her power and that it be something he cannot defend against or he will reveal what is/was really going on.

The SPIRIT can defend against it but is there enough oil in his lamp and true intention (Trump, lol True Intent, rich man eye of the camel LOL) to reach the SPIRIT and to have a future?

Give up all that you have in order to receive a glimpse from YOU/MY LIFE

Blessed is SHE/MY LIFE that used her to nail me to this tree!

So if Trump fails in his real crime of stealing from Americans and lying to even his base about his true intentions (Putin, Conspiracy against the Tree) will there come a time when every Beast ends up in another creature's belly!

Lightning and thunder at the moment realizing your nakedness w/o the SPIRIT clothing you

The emperor has no clothes

Its got to be done by the SPIRIT anything else is not PERFECT LOVE. You must be led by the SPIRIT


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