Thursday, June 22, 2023

Let me show you

 Let me show you, that it is by their own words that MAGA Christians and the Concervative Justices of the Supreme Court have actually condemned themselves. The bible actual proves that all that follow MAGA brand of Christianity are liars and thieves. They will not admit it until they actually see what it says but then if they do not repent then be it unto them according to how they intended for others. 

All who say Jesus, Jesus and have 


First it was the SPIRIT that spoke through him saying that HE, the SPIRIT ALONE was to lead you into all truth and not a presumption of an interpretation of scripture as the pharasees were condemned for

Modern Christians never consider what the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus was saying when he spoke

"I am the way, the truth and the life"

And their presumption about the infalibility of the Scripture is true when it is the SPIRIT and not an interpretation of men.

So it was also written about the SPIRIT that without understanding the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus and therefore by entering in by climbing over the wall instead of getting your interprtation from the SPIRIT you are lying and you are a thief. 

Does this verse not say that?

The smallest of points not gotten from the SPIRIT renders all interpretations MEANINGLESS.

So these that pass judgement on others,,like the scotus saying they got their interpretation from God are liars and are thieves trying to take what is not theirs just like whom they follow.

According to how you believe having bypassed the SPIRIT be it unto you! Now of course we do not want our concervative brothers and sisters going to a hell of their own creation and since their interpretation is not of the SPIRIT if they could get a promise actually from the SPIRIT that now they don't have to pay even as their own words said of others because of the ever loving kindness of the SPIRIT as if you seek the SPIRIT as you were instructed and treasure each word that you might not have to suffer then that was the intention I gave to the SPIRIT that this whole thing turns out to be for good.

You need to believe what the SPIRIT through Jesus said and wait for the SPIRIT to give you the promise that even though you failed to go to the SPIRIT well,,,, let's just leave that between You and the SPIRIT.

The cross is that humiliation of finding you followed a lie, an interpretation instead of the SPIRIT and were caught in the Trap set by the SPIRIT for your own good.  Do not condemn others as only the sick need a physician


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