Monday, June 26, 2023

What with the Wind of the SPIRIT


Looking at how the hero of Bakmut the only one to have done anything in that military joke with Putin and how deals are made and how if I was China could strike a deal with a liar and a murderer. I mean, look at the wind of the SPIRIT,  I would not pitch my tent there.

And as I wrote the word strike above I felt such a energy as a strike and it does not go well for the Putin.

The word of the SPIRIT and the boldness of your word through Synchronicity

It is the SPIRIT’s boldness as any nobody could say the words given them by the SPIRIT so I just found that I needed to loosen up andwalk in wilderness. I may not know how to properly communicate it myself but I know from KNOWING YOU, MY LIFE when I am in that place and the synchs are flowing,,, it’s remembering or treasuring those moments.

Where Pam wanted her cane at Cane Creek before chair yoga and did not want to walk back from the door to the truck so I said I would get it. After getting it she kept walking away and then told me she decided she did not need it. Oh and during all this I was dealing with the dog in the back of the truck.

When something frustrates me I usually find it is something I also am doing as to why I am not getting something. “Like if I am not waiting on what I asked for”


That was what I had to tell her “I had to let go of some folks because there was no fruit, I had to keep my attention on the things that were bearing fruit”


What with the wind of the SPIRIT right now, yet everyone still denies me, where have I heard that before, and right before desolation, how all the synchs have happened and are happening and when we get there how do you think it will be given to me to choose?


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