Tuesday, July 11, 2017

They all rejected ME too!

Don't forget they have rejected me too says the SPIRIT
 Ipithany -Tom Serrie playing on Pandora

I was thinking about my own last night and feeling Pam's pain

I wanted to KNOW YOU, SPIRIT and to know the true intentions of the heart

Then each came to me and spoke

First Noah said, They all rejected me until the day the rains began to fall

Then Joseph came to me and spoke saying, all my brothers rejected me, until they had nothing to eat

Then Jesus too said, I too was rejected by all, therefore I spoke so that hearing they would not hear and destroy the message.

Most all have turned and walked away, but to those that remain it is being revealed to you and you understand when it was said of the Lord

They Rejected Me Also!

It is never what you think I found out as it is always what is overlooked

It will be beautiful, wherever I wander because YOU are there!

I see you in the Appalachian Suite


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