Thursday, August 31, 2017

Swine to Dogs,,, a blessing

So for all those finding themselves lost behind a veil of interpretation called religion what is it that you will really be wanting to pray for soon

but to know the true intentions of the heart of the SPIRIT that spoke through Abraham, Moses and Jesus. And will  let your passion be as a man seeking fervently to know "those who went before him" so passionately that in a vast geography of stones you seeking to know them would trip over the capstone of a buried pyramid revealing the true intentions of those who went before us and revealing the error of following the letter. Thankyou for sending that lie that takes those that worship interpretation will follow it to their end as the letter leads to death. Fulfilling the True intentions of the heart of Jesus.

But the SPIRIT gives life
To be in his time and to hear this story you too would have hated him as it is the custom to hate men in our society. If you come to understand what this story meant back then you would realize that you too would have been as them at that time and would have hated him.
Swine and Dogs
The swine that found themselves caught in your net, those that would trample the truth, let their salvation be to become as dogs happy for the crumbs. Like the Woman at the well.


Comic from Idaho in New York and then the song Englishman in New York

Wow, the storm split in two and passed on either side of where we are just as you had always treated me in our lives alone.



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